Wyzecam v2 (single camera of 7) constant disconnects.

One of my cameras won’t stay connected the network. Every time I connect with the app it starts out working and very quickly the KB/S drop to 0 and only sound works and then nothing works. I have several other identical cameras on the same network which all work perfectly (google wifi).

I have tried updating to latest firmware, switching back to older firmware, resetting the camera to default, etc. Nothing seems to work.

Anybody have any other advice for me?

Thanks very much.

My first thought would be how far from the router is the camera? You can check the signal strength in Settings > Device Info. It may be that the signal is dropping due to a weak wifi connection to the camera.

Right near the router sitting next to 2 other perfectly functioning devices.

What is the signal strength reported in the app? It could be interference from nearby devices. That is, devices closer to this camera than others. You might want to try moving this camera next to one of the others that’s working fine and see if that makes a difference.

On the other hand, it might be a hardware issue with the camera. For that, you will need to submit a support ticket from within the app, preferably right after this happens and before power cycling the camera so that the logs can be captured.

How do I check signal strength I don’t see that option. The transfer speed goes from 200KB/s initially and then drops down to 0. It is right next to another 2 devices that work perfectly 3 feet from the router.

The signal strength is viewed by tapping the gear icon in the Live View, then Device Device info. But sorry, that feature may not have been released to the production app yet. It may only be in beta. I’ve kind of lost track which features have been released to production yet.

Wyze support is somewhat backlogged, so I’d suggest submitting the support ticket asap. You can always cancel it if you get it resolved.