Camera will not function in different rooms

now have 3 cameras. the main camera, out door camera will only function no further than 15 feet from sending unit. tried to hook up 2nd camera and it would not connect or functioni becuase the distance is too far 30feet… so third camera same issue the range on the wifi is just too limitied to use in a house

I have 4 outdoor cams, one 45 feet away, one 30 feet away and the other two are about 20 feet away and they all connect with 3 bars on my Wi-Fi.

then even though my router modem is new, it is not strong enough? its a netgear one

I have no idea.I have a Motorola cable modem/router connected to the Xfinity (Comcast) cable. My house is 55 feet long and 45 feet wide and I can get a good Wi-FI signal on any part of the house outdoors. Are you connected to the 2.4 or 5.0 ? You need to be connected to the 2.4 GHz network.

i live in a 550 sq foot condo. the one that dose work is right out side the front door. i wanted to put the second one down stairs or up stairs to be able to see the other two hall ways.

I am a new WYZE user so I don’t know what to tell you. Does your phone have a signal/connection to the same wi-fi network ? Take your phone to the locations you want to put the cams and see if it has a Wi-FI signal I guess? Did you check to see if your base station/ cams were connected to the 2.4GHz network and not the 5.0GHZ. Most new modems have both.

Could be interference from other condo units. If you have an android device there is an app called wifi analyzer you can download to see what other networks are around and what channels may have the most interference.

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thanks, using 2.4…
but usin phone my be a good idea. its sad we have to figure this out ourselves

wow, had no idea… yes there are many different wifi signals in the immediate area

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If you post a screenshot of wifi analyzer we may be able to determine if you can switch to a better channel.

lol, what is a wifi analizer

it’s an app that will look at all the available wifi in a given area and show where there is the most interference among wifi channels. if you have a lot of neighbors that are all running a lot of wifi, the signals cross and interfere with each other. by using an app to tell you which channels are the least “crowded” you may be able to chance your wifi channel to something different and get better reception among your devices.

just search Wifi analyzer in what ever app store you use…there are many of them and most are free. take a screen shot of what you see using the app and myself or one of the previous posters can help you decipher what it says and go from there :slight_smile:

hope this works. it is constantly changing

Does your android phone let you see the strength of the WYZE signal? This is from my iPhone, I erased all the numbers just to be safe :upside_down_face:Signal

The red peak looks to be the base station. I’m assuming your network is the largest peak on channel 6? If so it doesn’t look too bad and may not be an interference issue.

sorry, neither the tall red one or the tall light blue are me. mine is the one that says xfinity

I see at least 3 peaks labeled xfinity. I’m fairly certain the tall red one is your base station signal. I can’t see the label on the tall blue one.

What we need is a diagram of the layout of the house. Mainly to see where walls and things like refrigerators are located. Also tell us what the walls are made of. WiFi doesn’t go through metal walls or refrigerators very well. Even normal walls block some signal.
Or you can determine which line on the graph is YOUR router then walk around the areas you want to put the camera and see the signal strength there.
Sometimes moving the camera only a few feet makes all the difference.

walls are 5/8 sheet rock, framing, insulation, sheet rock, then vynly siding.