NEED HELP --Can't connect to devices [Moved]

I can not connect to my two cameras. My wifi is working fast and fine.

When you press the specific camera in the app it tries to connect, but no good.

Ideas ? I’d hate to have this happen when I’m traveling…

I’m sure this may not be of much help, but the only time this has happened to me with my camera is when I’m out of range. Not sure if dropping down to the 2.4 connection has anything to do with it or not - but when I’m in a room in the house where I normally connect just fine, trying to connect to the camera doesn’t work, until I get closer to my router. My camera is only 3 feet away from the router, but my walls are ancient and thick and the 2.4 connection doesn’t seem to penetrate as well.

Yes, I found that the camera’s wifi reception is very weak.

The camera must be placed to where the wifi signal is strong.

You can use Wifi Analyzer (Android) to check your wifi signal where you place your camera.

In my case, I had to add a second router to act as AP in order to have enough wifi signal for cameras in the other side of the house (and main router).

<p style=“text-align: left;”>My wyze cam ir cannot conect yo the network</p>

I can not connect to my camera only when I’m home I can connect to my cameras