WIFI distance

How far is the wifi range for the cameras? I have a detached garage I get wifi connection to with other devices but the camera didn’t connect.

Which camera?

I have tried V2 wired, I just received my V3 today but haven’t tried it yet. I also have the outdoor wireless but haven’t tried it because it’s being used in another location and was going to but one more but they were sold out

Try this:
Set the camera up in your home or a location where the signal is strong. Make sure the firmware is updated while you’re at it. I would also format the microSD card at this time if you have one. Then unplug it and take it out to your garage where the signal is a weak. The camera will likely connect.

I had the same problem as you with a v2 in my garage. Doing the above got my camera up and running where the WiFi signal is very weak. I hope it works for you as well.

Thank you I will with the new v3 that I received today, they say the WiFi is better so I’ll try that tomorrow

Sounds fair and good luck. If it does work out for you, please come back and mark my post as the solution.

well it still didn’t connect from the garage once set up in the house. so apparently the signal just isn’t strong enough

These are now available on Amazon and in stock.


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Awe bummer, sorry to hear that. Maybe you can reposition your WiFi router or access point to give you slightly better reception in the garage?