Video feed jumpy

i recently removed a regular household extension cord from this camera and replaced it with a usb cord and the adapter that came with the camera. so i have from the socket: adapter, 10’ usb cord, cord that came with camera and the camera. ever since, the video footage has been current but jumpy. is this just a camera that was on the fritz anyway and for some reason this change pushed it over the edge or perhaps something wrong with the adapter?

The longer or thinner the cable, the lesser the final voltage. My guess is the limit is nine feet, based on specs.

i like this idea but i have two cams running off a 20’ cord elsewhere, that are doing fine.

Is this a v2? For troubleshooting to see if it’s a voltage issue getting to the camera due to the multiple cables. Do you have a 5v2a USB wall charger? Every phone I have ever gotten has had that as a wall adapter output. The Wyze camera one is a 5v1a. Use the 2a wall charger instead and see if your picture is of higher quality. My gut says there may be an issue with the different cords hooks together causing voltage loss and the slightly higher amp will fix that. I would recommend one long quality cord instead atleast

A 20 foot extension cord? Or 20 foot USB cord? How does it power two cameras? Can you explain this more.

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But it’s ONE continuous cord, correct? Not two cords chained together?

An easy test … steal one of the 20’ continuous length cords and test with the cam in question. Works? Then it’s the chained cords


If you have thick enough wire in your USB extender cable, you should be fine. So what is the AWG of your 10’ USB extender cable compared to your 20’ cables? Wireless distance to router also matters if you changed that, which I don’t think you did. But let us know.

BTW, the best way to power a camera is always to do as many extensions as you can at 120v, then power the final and shortest extensions with USB power cords after the Wyze-supplied (or better) adapter.

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that’s a good point!

a 20’ usb into one cam then a jumper usb from one cam to the other.