Night vision clicking sound


I figured out the clicking sound that comes from the camera is the IR feature. When the camera is set to auto the sound can be heard repeatedly while the sun is setting due to the snow change in lighting. It’s so annoying that I have turned off night vision completely. The down side to that is obvious.

Are there any plans to as a feature to the app that would allow for auto night vision during certain times? If I was able to set this feature to turn on only at night time, I wouldn’t have to worry about hearing the sound so much.

Thank you


There is already a firmware update in the works that will improve this situation.

Good news! Thank you

Is there some way to be notified once available?

Actually, the firmware update I was thinking of is already released. Version This is for the V2 camera which I’m assuming you are asking about.

You should automatically be offered the update when you connect to the camera. If not, to check your firmware version, tap the gear icon then Device Info.

I have a WYZE cam Pan. How new is the firmware? I purchased only 2 weeks ago and updated the firmware at that time.


I have not seen any firmware update for the Pan to change the night vision sensitivity. Current firmware for the Pan is Pan firmware updates tend to lag a bit behind the V2, so there may be a change for night vision sensitivity coming. As mentioned before, when you connect to the camera it will offer you any new firmware updates or you can check manually. If you want early access to new firmware, you can join the beta program (see the Beta section of the forum). I’d also suggest you file a support ticket on this to help increase the urgency of a fix for this for Pan.

It would be nice to have a feature that turns on night mode only at certain times of the day so it will avoid clicking on and off even though it is completely dark. The sensitivity problem for wyzecam v2 still has not been completely fixed.

It was supposed to be fixed with Wyze Cam v2 Firmware (Release date: June 20, 2018)
Updated night vision switch logic to reduce frequent switches

This firmware update has reduced the frequent switches but it is still finicky. It switches the night mode off and on even though the light outside has not changed at all. In order to fix this, I just have turned it onto night mode at all times.

Mine does it as well and it completely freaks out the dog. I don"t think I can return it, as it is JUST past 30 days. If I turn"off" night vision, will the clicking stop? Currently out of town and dog is hiding in the bathroom. This is really super freaking annoying!!!

Yes, if you switch night vision from “auto” to “off”, it won’t click. If you need night vision, you can manually turn it “on” (it will click once).

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I have issues with my new pan scan version…IR keeps clicking on and off. Scene…located in my kitchen/family room. Low light and watching TV. I believe it is picking up enough light on bright scenes off TV so it keeps cycling IR off and on. Annoying! What is the remedy?

In a situation like this were the light is changing frequently, your best bet is to manually turn night vision to on or off instead of auto.