Firmware Update Causes Clicking Sound whenever Cams are Turned On

Hi. I have four Wyze Cam V2s that I use to monitor my dog when I’m at work. I turn them all on before I leave for work and turn them off when I come home. Did firmware update to v for all of them yesterday.

Now when I turn the cameras on, they all make a clicking sound as they turn on. They did not make the clicking sound before the firmware update. Night vision mode is Off and night vision IR lights aren’t enabled.

My poor dog is terrified and cowering in the corner.

Any suggestions as to what I can adjust in the settings to fix this?

Otherwise, my only option is to keep the cameras on all the time and turn off notifications when I’m home.


Welcome to the forums! Is it a constant non stop click or just a click or two? During the restart process the ir filter gets exercised back and forth which sounds like a soft click. You can recreate this by switching nv to on auto off while next to the camera.

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It’s a couple of clicks when the cam is turned on, but enough to scare the dog. And yes it’s the same clicking sound made when night vision is on. That’s why I’ve always had night vision off.

So the IR filter would still do this even though night vision is off?

It’s part of the boot up cycle. How do you turn your cameras on and off? Power off and on or app off and on?

There weren’t any sounds before the firmware update though. I turn them on and off inside the app.