Clicking sound when camera is "off"

I have a WyzeCam 2 and when not actively monitoring, I use the new option to turn the camera “off”.

I’ve noticed on more than occasion, that the camera makes a “clicking” sound periodically in the middle of the night. Only a few times, not constantly.

What is this? If the camera is “off” what is going on?



That sounds like the night vision activating. I believe that bug has been reported and a fix is in the works.

The workaround would be to switch the night vision from auto to off before turning off the camera.

I was thinking, what’s the point of turning the camera off with this feature, if the night vision (click), and LED’s are still on. I’m assuming the only thing that turning the camera off at this point does, is to stop it from continous recording to a micro SD card (if one is installed). Because for me it’s just as easy to leave the camera on and turn off any alert settings.

Yes, Resist. There is a micro SD card so continuous recording would be quite inappropriate. :wink:

…and view of live stream by shared users, and upload of motion/sound clips to the cloud.

My apologies if I’m asking the same question but how can you stop the clicking noise while the camera is on? Is there another way besides turning the camera off? I have the WyzeCam 2. Thanks!

As someone already stated in a post above, that it is a bug and they are working on a fix.