Alarm sounding when we didn’t do it

My son had his camera covered because he was home and it randomly started sounding the alarm!! Wth

And ironically at about the same time my camera was as turned facing the wall? Again - I didn’t do this!
We live in different cities in Texas.

Welcome to the forums! Can you confirm what camera he is using and this occured on? You state that the camera was facing the wall, he did turn it towards the wall manually or is it a panning camera? You tagged the topic as V1/v2, but neither of those have the siren feature found in other later camera models. What did it sound like? Does he have any rules in use on the camera? Thanks in advance!

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I’m attaching a photo - we both have the same one.

So there were 2 issues - he had one and I also did but different households and cities! Possibly a coincidence?

On his, the siren sounded…

Mine turned towards the wall and yes it pans

I’ll have to ask him about the rules… he was freaked out!