Wavy picture

Got 2 new cameras, exactly the same. Both looking out my living room window but pointing in different directions. One camera is super clear and the other’s picture appears almost wavy when in night vision mode. I am thinking it is maybe pixelating.

Why would one be so much better than the other? Tried wiping off the lens but didn’t see any improvement. Thoughts on what else I should try? TIA!

Hi @dnyquist0818 and welcome to the forum!
Have you swapped the cameras to see if the problem follows the camera? May it be something near the camera causing the disortion? A TV set perhaps?
What type camera have you purchased? Can you post an image of the distortion?

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Just swapped them this morning and the view is still blurry compared to the other one that is crystal clear. Cant check the night vision now but there isnt anything that would interfere with them. They are the V2 cubes.

Starting to think you have a defective camera and will have to exchange it. :frowning:

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Picture of fuzzy and clear cameras, live views

Definitely no chance you left the protective plastic film on one camera, right?

Lol…zero chance. It is warmer to the touch than the other one too. Might need an exchange

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I agree, time for an exchange.