Why is picture quality getting worse?

Long-time user & fanboy. But kinda irked with a recent, bizarre issue… why has my picture quality gone to absolute garbage, seemingly for no reason?? Started roughly a month ago. It’s just all pixely and blotchy (idk if either of those are real words…) mainly everywhere but like the low center point of the image. It’s the same on all 3 cams (1 pan & 2 V2s). Tried attaching some images to show, but it doesn’t look like that’s an option… :roll_eyes: I’ve tried all the troubleshooting I can think of, but to no avail… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::man_shrugging:t2:

Also - wayy worse at night

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Usually that’s caused by the image sensor going bad, but I can’t imagine all 3 doing so at the same time. You might try contacting support, here’s the link (click on the support icon on the bottom right)

Wyze Product Support

Does it look anything like this:

You describe pixelated, but having the image sensors go bad on all the cams at once seems unlikely.

ya and I’ve only had them a few months

If they do look like that picture, try following the steps in that thread. Other users have had luck. You can also contact support.

No not that issue at all - more of a blocky, sqaure, blurry look. Like I said too, worse at night

Did they accidentally get switched into SD or 360p mode?

A while ago just to check it out ya but switched it back and didn’t do it on all 3 I don’t think, but ya even just made sure just now

That’s got to be moisture and/or slime on the lens. On the inside I mean. The cams get pretty warm and the ccd is not sealed, what with a mechanical IR filter and all. I think I’d first watch a teardown video, and then remove and clean the inside part of the lens. Test it before you put it all back together, and if that doesn’t fix the problem, I’d check out videos of cleaning ccd’s on DSLR cameras. But I think you use alcohol and qtips. Good news is that at $24 bucks, you can afford to experiment if need be.
Wyze Camera Lens Swap 9:23

we need a picture of what you are seeing. because you recently joined and haven’t had much engagement on the forums yet you haven’t earned the trust level needed to post pictures. I have some friends that might be able to help with that though. let me send a message and see if I can get that changed for you so we can see what you are dealing with a go from there.

I just joined and can upload pics. So I don’t think there’s a waiting period.

its not a waiting period per-se but a certain level of engagement. so reading, replying and posting. this is basically so spammers cant come in and start stuff and then disappear. in looking at your profile, you have earned the basic user trust level whereas the OP has not yet. I’ll edit that post to be more clear :slight_smile:

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Users gain trust level on the forum as you read, post, etc. In order to post attachments, you need to be at least Trust Level 1 (Basic User). You also need to be TL1 to send personal Messages and to flag posts. New members start out at TL0 (New User). You can see your trust level at the top of your user profile.

To attain TL1, you must normally post 5 times, read 30 posts and spend 10 minutes reading.

That said, @MiloHayes, I have manually bumped you up to TL1, so you should be able to post pictures now.

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thank you @Loki

Here’s his pic, minus him. It’s like your phone’s camera lens when you’ve had it in your pocket. So if cleaning the outside doesn’t clear it up, I think it must be moisture and slime/mold on the inside.

ahh i saw this pic in the link but didnt think it was from the OP.

I agree it looks like humidity and moisture build up. putting it in a very dry environment might clear it up.

were they possibly placed near a humidifier? those become quite popular in the winter time.

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That would be easier than my idea of taking it apart.

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I’m confused… that photo was definitely posted by a different guy in a different thread, and he fixed it by taking the camera apart and cleaning a piece of filter glass.

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No it was a different guy, it’s just that “Bam” said something about not being able to see it from the link, so I posted it. But I missed where he took it apart? That was my suggestion.