NightVision goes too bright when outside - make Nightvision IR brightness a manual setting

If the Wyze Pan Cam is outside, when it goes dark (pm), the camera’s night vision goes so bright it makes it impossible to see anything at all - I think because it reflects off its own lens plastic into the lens.

Interestingly, while the camera is adjusting the brightness on its way to this maximum setting, just before going to the maximum setting I can actually see the surrounding area quite well! It has a good distance, problem is, it goes so bright that all I see is a white blur.

can you make the night vision brightness a manual setting please?

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Do you have this camera pointed outside through a window perhaps? If so, the problem is not the brightness of the LEDs, but the fact that glass is reflective of infrared light. The solution to this is to turn off the IR LEDs in the camera’s Advanced Settings. If, after doing this, you need more illumination outside, there are inexpensive IR illuminators that you can purchase and mount outside.


Welcome to the forums. Can you post a picture or video of what you are seeing? @Loki may have to up your forum cred if you would like to post something.

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here mine night with a V2 with no IR led on.


My pan cam doesn’t work good at all at night. It’s outside with a silicone protective sleeve on it and the video quality is awful at night. Can’t hardly see anything.

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post a picture here to see what you talking about

Kodak made the digital camera so act like you taken a photograph.

Take the look how lighting work with camera

you need more lighting. putting lighting to make the night work better.
That is why the flood light on Ring because better lighting.

if you want Ir they sticking up something like this

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Thanks I’ll order one of those solar lights from amazon.

Looks like the fence post is what is causing the IR light blowout in the lower left of the one dark photo. Can the camera be moved up a little higher or somehow get the fence post out of frame?

Night or dark places with IR light enabled are best exposed if everything in frame is an equal distance from the camera, and not more than 25-30 feet away from these Wyze cameras for best exposure. That is perfect world yes, but as close to that as you can get is best. If foreground is alot closer than background, the white balance controls and IR light tend to way underexpose the background giving you an image like above.

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the camera need to call in for a magnesium flare to see

Thank You! Enjoy the rest of your day!