Night vision not working!

I just hooked up my camera for first time in months. Updated firmware and put camera in window. In night mode without IR it’s pitch black. With IR on there is just glare from window. I used to use these in window at night at my last place and they worked fine. I could see what was going on outside. Now, nothing.
What’s odd is that when I turn off IR and return to viewing screen, for a second I can see outside like it used to work, but then it goes pitch black.
What is going on?

To the last part, I am guessing it’s the white balance adjusting to the new picture. Just like when you turn the IR back in, it takes a second for the camera to corectly expose what it now sees. Can you post a picture of what you see now? And to the first part, I can’t begin to comment on why the camera “worked at your old place” because there are to many variables that are unknown to us. Different style of windows, more ambient outdoor light, different camera settings, etc.

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Thanks for this, It’s informative, but unfortunately doesn’t help much with my current dilemma. I have the camera in a window of a room above my garage facing the street, and a light posted on the window would not illuminate far enough to see my car, but would probably annoy my neighbors. I still would like to understand why it worked at my last house but not here. They both had new, double paned windows. The only thing I can think of is that there may have been a brighter street light at my last house.

I don’t have a screenshot of what was going on last night. But I wish there was some way to adjust the white balance so it would show what it does in that split second between modes.

then you go with ir flood light maybe.

This thread took a turn towards finding a solution to record through a window.

Did we ever come to a solution for the night vision not working?

My camera is almost pitch black at night.
Turns black and white if I turn night vision on during the day.
The camera is only about 2 weeks old and worked fine for the first several days.

You need more lights for the camera to pick up and work.
The camera is take the same photo 24 day but the lighting has change.
The IR wave will not go through glass and bounce back in to the camera.
So you need lighting out side so the camera can work.
Just think you are a movie director shooting a movie and you had to make the lighting just right so the camera can get the best picture.
The company that made the digital camera and kill it self. KODAK killed film.

Not trying to go through a window, the camera is outside.

you need more lighting outside. infrared or spotlights.

As I mentioned in my previous post…the camera worked fine for the first few days.

That was a night and with the same lighting that I currently have.

here is the thread that ask the same question.

The black and white mode is night vision mode, needs to switch so that the camera can view the IR illumination.

Can you post a picture of what your camera view is now at night, during the day, and a picture of your advanced settings page of the camera you are having an issue with? Thanks in advance! This will help the group try and figure out what is happening.


what ever you are trying to see might be too far away. being indoor cameras they aren’t meant to be able to light up a huge space. I bought an IR illuminator and I’m kinda upset I didn’t buy one sooner.

@stockdad I believe the above is for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the responses guys.

I unfortunately don’t have any night time pics, yet, but I can tell you:

  1. Works great during the daytime.
  2. Turns black and white if you turn night vision mode on during the day. (I understand that this is what is supposed to happen, just noting it because I’ve read it’s also a test to see if things are operating correctly.)
  3. “Night Vision IR Lights” is toggled on in the advanced settings menu. (pic attached)
  4. Is nearly pitch black at night with the night vision mode on. (no pics, but there is barely a trace of the sidewalk at night)
  5. Worked great at night for the first few days that I had the camera with no additional illumination. Items weren’t too far away and were visible with the stock features/lighting of the camera.
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@stockdad Do you see the IR lights at night on the camera? If they are working, you should be able to see them fairly easy in the dark. If you don’t see the IR lights, then I would start a Support Ticket with Wyze. It may be a defective camera.

when was the full moon?

I am guessing the night photo with the IR lights on would have the bushes and sidewalk right infront of the cam visible and exposed correctly, but the arch and dog house would be too far and under exposed. What would night look like if you had the IR lights toggled off, but night vision mode on? Is that what you saw before?

I agree with @StopICU33, do you see the IR lights if you look at the camera when it’s dark and they are on?

no, you don’t. I’m having the same issue. Last night the NV worked brilliantly. I could see stars and satellites through the window with the ir lights off. I could see my driveway and backyard clear as day. Today, I updated the firmware and suddenly no more night vision. My phone can see in low/no light better. Both cameras face through a window, the only change was updating the firmware.