Help. Night vision stopped working

So I was playing with the advanced settings and swiped for IR off. Then when I swiped it back to IR ON my night vision never came back and it’s almost pitch black at night. I tried resetting the camera but it didn’t help.

Another issue I have , not related to the above problem, is that my view is much wider like a fish bowl. It happened out of nowhere. The view was narrower but I liked it better that way. Did Wyze change something without letting us know?

did you turn the auto night vision off on the home screen by accident too? in advanced setting turn the IR leds on, go back to home screen and toggle through the night vision settings on the top right of the live view screen. you can do this during day or night, but if you turn it on during the day, the picture will go to black and white. if that happens your night vision is working

to my knowledge nothing has changed for the view. can you post a picture of how your view has changed so we can see it?

the first thing that came to mind was a lens moving and causing a fish eye effect, but we would have to actually see it to be sure and try to diagnose.

and by chance did these two things happen simultaneously or at least in close proximity to each other?

Make sure the “night vision ir lights” control in the advanced settings is on (its off in the photo), and then the “night vision mode” is set to auto or on.