New Wyze Outdoor Camera faulty night pictures

Installed our WOC last evening and the daytime pictures were great. Then we tuned into the night vision pictures and they were all flashing, bright then darker, bright, then darker. What could be the problem? I would upload an example but keep getting a notice that new owners can’t upload pictures.

I’ll tag in the @Mods so you can get upped. Curious to see the pictures. What is in front of your wco? Is it aimed through a window? I wonder it it’s the camera adjusting to the IR turning on and off, adjusting the white balance and exposure settings is a gradual process.

I tried to upload a picture but a drop down said new folks can’t upload a picture.

You should be able to now, if not let me know


Be sure to update your firmware as new firmware has solutions , Fixed an issue that caused night vision to turn on and off repeatedly in some low-light situations

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I updated the firmware before dark. Checked the events after dark and the camera was doing the same thing. Took it off AUTO and put the IR as ON. That seems to have stopped the flashing but the pictures are more faded and not sharp. I checked the signal strength for where the camera is located and it was great. Will try again to upload a picture.

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I would say make a support ticket and go that route. That’s pretty abnormal unless you want a dance party. Looks like something is pretty wrong somewhere.

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Okay, thanks. We didn’t think that was normal either.

Here is the support ticket link if you haven’t done so already. Linky link.

Also, another option is calling support if you have the time to see if they have any fixes or ideas if you wanted more immediate answers.

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Thank you, I now have a response from support.

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Awesome! Also if you can, when you get a resolution, can you update the thread here with it? It’ll help folks that have this issue in the future :slight_smile:

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Will do.

Still no resolution to the problem. With sound turned on there is a loud click each time the camera flashed bright then back.