Outdoor Camera taking way too many night time videos, all of a sudden

I have had my Wyze Outdoor camera for quite a while, I’d say at least a year. Lately something has changed. I charged it on a Friday night, put it out Saturday morning & it was dead Tuesday morning. The prior charge was also only lasting a short time, but I thought my husband did it wrong.
In reviewing saved videos (camplus) it has video after video after video in the dark. No one there, nothing moving. It’s as if it is making it’s own light, in the way you can catch a light change at sunrise or sunset.

Is anyone aware of any setting change or firmware change in January 2022 that might be causing this? It’s always been fine before

The last WCO firmware change was 20 December 2021 version and the last base firmware was 18 January 2022 version I am not using either of them, I’m still using the November 2021 firmware version for both base and camera. I tried the December version on the camera and it recorded 2X speed so I changed it back. I did not update the base because the firmware created many issues and was paused in December and again in January. I don’t know if it has been fixed yet. Do you have tracking turned on for the camera? something for sure is setting it off. Maybe go back and look at all your settings and see if they are where you want them as far a sensitivity, Auto night vision, IR light on or off.

How old is the unit? You might have a bad battery and or a cell going dead

They are just from last summer. I think something has changed with whatever triggers video after dark, 58 videos between 5:30-7:30PM tonight, that’s not right or usual.

Well look at it,turn on the tracking green box then you can see what’s moving to make it record

I have the 2x speed issue .
1 out of 3 cameras after firmware update.
This is only on night recordings.
Tickets are opened with WYZE with logs uploaded.
How were you able to revert back to previous firmware.

Are you talking about the Battery Powered outdoor cam? I submitted numerous logs and files as did others, answer from Wyze was wait for new firmware. I changed the firmware version for all 4 of my WCO back to the November 2021 version using an SD card. Download the file to your computer. As per these directions for windows PC right click, extract all to the SD card, you should have a file named sd_update. Put the SD in the cam. Read all directions !!! I did not update my base to so I did not have an issue. I believe if you have base version you can not revert back anyway. Just do one camera and try it out.

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We have those cameras at our sites with solar panels and our firmware is no issues found

Well that is nice but I don’t care. I am not going to change the firmware again to see if it does or does not work, I tried it and it didn’t work and besides the only thing that firmware did was add support for a Solar Panel which I don’t have.

We are not telling you to change anything, a we did is to tell you the firmware and what we are doing with our battery cameras.

thanks. Ill try that next time I charge camera

I just received notice my outdoor cameras will no longer take 12 second videos unless I subscribe to their cloud service.

The whole selling point for the outdoor cams was the SD recording feature which now is disabled.
It was recording to the SD cards previously. As you could see the used capacity on the card. But now if you format the cards the used capacity never goes up or changes.

First of all the SD recording to the SD in the WYZE outdoor cam is not disabled. I have been doing scheduled event recording to the SD cards in my cameras for over one year. How to do it is on the second link I am posting. You should here to this link and Click to opt into cam plus lite, pay $0.00, $1.00 or what ever you feel is right for you. You will still get the 12 second videos. You have to sign into your account on the web site. Go Here and read.

Scheduled recording: You will still get 12 cloud clips plus videos in length for the amount of time you set up to 5 min in length as long as motion continues and you can set the cam to no cooldown> I put all 4 of my WCO on CP lite and I am also doing scheduled event recording.


thanks. I received the email after I sent this. The first message just popped up on the app without mentioning that.

I updated 1 outdoor camera last night with latest firmware and it resolved the 2X record sppeds on motion events.

I didn’t do the orher 2 cameras that didn’t have the issue.
One the issue started in December I did the update all option.
I’m wondering if 1 of them got corrupted.