Wyze Pan Cam V2 not in color in night mode as advertised

Complete disappointment. I received the advertisement for Pan Cam V2. It’s supposed to be in color when in night vision mode but when I tested it out, it’s still in b/w like the Pan Cam V1. Called and spoke to Wyze rep. One even told me to turn off the night vision mode to get the night vision mode working in color. (head shake). I even got a replacement camera which resulted in the same thing. Wyze is very disappointing. Keep in mind, I did EVERY trouble shooting as instructed by at least 5 representative.

Its your settings, mine works just fine turn your IRR off…

Set Night Vision Mode to Off or Set Night Vision Mode to Auto with Night Vision Conditions set to Dark. If you can, post some screenshots of your viewing area. You must have some amount of ambient light for color night vision to work.

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Thanks. I’ll give it a try tonight when I get home. You’ll know if it still doesn’t work :imp:

Turn it off,auto needs to be off

That sounds very weird, but is actually right, lol.

Night vision mode is a totally B&W mode where the camera maps near-infrared wavelengths to B&W colors.

COLOR night vision isn’t night vision at all (yes, I hate that marketing gimmick too). In reality they simply made the DAYTIME sensor MUCH more sensitive.

So where you could barely see anything at night before (and thus needed near infrared with IR lights), the normal daytime sensors can now see at night as long as there is local light. That last part is very important – you need some sort of local light. A cloudless full moon or yard light would suffice.

So if you have local light, turn off night vision for color. If not, you will need it, or some other light source that will give you local light.

Both night vision and the starlight sensor need light to function. In the case of night vision, the IR lights provide that.

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The camera works as advertised, we have 4 of them and 2 of the old version and what a big difference

Yes, big difference, but those new to it get confused by “night vision” after color. :slight_smile:

Your so right also the zoom is much better than the old model

Think of it as something like “color at night” and not “color night vision”. Just that tidbit should help lessen the confusion between the actual “night vision”.


So the advertisement is a complete lie. The photo on the website shows a dark room with no light and then another photo in full color. I’ve been trying that for hours but now I see it’s not possible. Bought only because of this, guess their misleading advertising works to fool people…

Welcome to the forums! If I’m looking at the same graphic you are, yes the photo does not show a light source but the room is not completely black. They associated description does mention low light, not no lights.


We have a V2,V3 side by side and the V2 is black,V3 is in color but dark turned on spotlight and bingo!!!big time color and clear

Removing the clear plastic protective lens cover worked for me.