Pan Cam V2 not in color

I did as another cammer instructed in setting. Tested with little to no light, Pan Cam V2 STILL NOT IN COLOR. What am I doing wrong? Went to Setting - Advanced Setting - tested with AND without Night Vision IR Lights off on as well as Camera Status Light on, still not in color. And every time I call Wyze, it’s outsourced in the Philippines and the person I speak to it’s obvious they are reading a script and not knowing how the Wyze camera works. Help.

Need the nite turned to off NO IRR to off

Under Advanced settings, turn Night Vision off. “Color night vision” is just an extension of the normal daytime sensitivity. Once you turn regular night vision on, you will always get B&W as the camera maps near infrared wavelengths to B&W colors. So turn regular night vision off.

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You will need it all off,and remember if it pitch dark and you can see nothing with your eyes,you will not see it with the camera,all cameras need some type of light for them to work at nite.

The IR lights will go off when you turn off normal night vision. leaving them on saves a step next time you turn on normal night vision.

Yes, if you have no light then you can’t use color night vision. You’ll have to go back to normal B&W night vision with the IR lights on.


Is there IR LEDs mounted in the CAM PAN v2 case?

Well yes there in the ptz v2

They are in the black moving part. From th Wyze shop product page: