Pan Cam v3 no color night vision?

I am still testing out my Pan Cam v3, and am not seeing color night vision. Is it only color at DUSK? Also, I discovered that the night vision on my other nearby Wyze cams show up like a blazing spotlight on the Pan Cam v3 even if it all looks dark to the naked eye. Even casting shadows like visible light would.

In the Advanced Settings, Night Vision Mode needs to be off to get Color Night Vision. Otherwise, the IR Night Vision will kick in in low light.

When the IR mode is on, it will pick up the IR light being produced by the IR emitters on the other cams. That is what those 4 little red dots on the face of the cam are.


Thanks - a bit counterintuitive to turn it off in order to have it on, but hey it’s worth a shot while learning about this new model.
I had the other cam’s IR set to “far” so I’ll see what it looks like tonight with “near”.


Color Night Vision is the same as Color Daylight Vision. There are no settings difference.

What I have complained about is that the setting isn’t labeled correctly. It needs to be labeled “Infrared (IR) Night Vision Mode” since that is what those toggles are for. Relabeling it would make it make sense.


Yeah. Wyze gear is rather counter intuitive.

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