Pan v3 night color

I Under the assumption that the Pan version 3 had color while in night vision. Is there some setting to make it do that? Cause mine shows it black-and-white just like the version 2.

If it’s in night node, no it’s using IR and B&W. However, you can keep it in “daytime” mode until it is very dark and it will retain color mode.


Seems backwards, but turning off “night vision mode” allows “color at night” or in low light. You’ll still need some light in the area in view, but not alot. Even phases of the moon can be seen.

The starlight sensor helps in all low light situations.


I am having the same problem. Mine will only show black and white. False advertising it says it has it in their specs!

Toggle the night vision mode settings. When it is “on”, the picture will be black and white and the ir illuminators will help light your view. When “off”, the picture will be in color and this is the color at night (or low light) mode. When set to auto, the camera will choose between the two based on light levels.

Well that seem backwards. So basically its not true color night vision. Thanks for the update!

I agree and think there could be a change in verbage because the feature claim of “color night vision” and in terms of camera functions “night vision mode” are way to similar. Maybe a phrase of “color at night” or similar would help users understand the feature set of the cameras. It would certainly help the forum volunteers and others explain and help troubleshoot with users seeking assistance in here.

Personally I love the starlight sensor, helps tremendously in all low light conditions, weither the camera is in night vision mode or is showing color at night (or low light). :slight_smile:

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