Camera shows Black & White Video void of color

Today I went to view my camera feed, and the video was Black & White. My WiFi signal is strong as a router is 10 feet away. Also many times it shows buffering.

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In the live stream view, just above the top right end of the video frame, check that night mode hasn’t been switched to on (or auto if the room is dark). The control is a crescent moon symbol with the word on/off/auto next to it in a light green color.


Thank you. OK I am a little confused. I have my settings set to Auto, and during the day it showed Black & White. Now that I hit the crescent moon to off and it is night color came back. What am I doing wrong?I never had this problem before.

It may just be that during the day, the room was dim enough that auto night mode was triggered.

If you turn night vision to off it will be in color 24/7

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OK night vision is off, and yes in color. Will it work even if there is no light since night vision is off?

Outdoors, and it was daytime when it was Black and White. Will check again later.

In my experience if there is total or near total darkness the camera won’t be able to see/show anything without the night vision on. Night vision usually turns on infrared lights which allow cameras to see even in total darkness

Yes, I found that out so I put the cameras on auto and that works so far. I don’t understand what happened yesterday it was daylight and Black & White.

My best guess is that you accidentally tapped the night vision control and switched it from “auto” to “on”. That would engage the night vision no matter how bright it is outside.

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You are probably correct, I have big fingers.

I have exactly the same problem with both of my Pan Cams. They are both set to Auto, but don’t switch back to color in the morning when there is plenty of light. This didn’t happen from the beginning, so I suspect a firmware update caused it.

I can manually toggle Auto to Off and then back to Auto and it shows color, but it’s annoying to have to do manually.

Edit: Both cams are in exactly the same spot; it’s not a problem with lighting conditions.
Both cams are firmware


Add another two cameras (v2) here that stay in night mode, both have direct sunlight in the morning, no question they should flip. Tapping the units do nothing (e.g. stuck IR filter), and doing the Auto → Off → On → Auto DOES reset the thing to daylight mode. Bug in the firmware?

One of my old cams…a V1…which has been in my 24/7 lighted garage for months just recently started doin’ the same…B&W, unless I set night vision to “OFF” #headscratcher

I have the same problem. The colors are gone and night vision on/of or auto. The colors are gone.
When night vision is off (or auto) the screen seemed to be yellow…
Strange…suddenly the color is gone and don’t come back again.
What can be the trouble? Camera already broken?

If the camera is stuck on “color” or “B/W”, one possibility is that strong magnet that prevented the mechanical IR from switching automatically.

A few things to check -

  1. Look around the camera see if it is next to a magnet ? ( or move the camera to a different location to try )

  2. Try to extend the leg of the camera, and see if it makes any different ?

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Add me to the list, new v2 cameras, same deal with not wanting to switch.
toggle gets color, set to auto.


Be serious…. A strong magnet!!!

There is a build in magnet in the foot of the camera. How closer can it be…

But I understand…”….there is a mechanical IR …” must be broken then…

Cheap camera… I think everything is said.



I did the suggested options, but there is no change…

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I have this issue also on three brand new cameras… It’s probably a firmware issue?


Looks like this morning the cameras did go back to “normal” mode. What it seems like for me is that once the camera automatically turns to night mode, it takes more light to actually get it OUT of night mode. For example, on a scale of 1-100, if 50 “light points” switches it from normal to night mode automatically, it takes 70 “light points” for the camera to automatically switch back out of night mode. This explains why if you force it to normal mode it stays there since it may be at 60 “light points” and therefore won’t trigger it out of nightmode once it automatically switches to it. Does this make sense? Also, shining a light at it doesn’t help it either.

It may be a bit more complicated than that (maybe it also takes into consideration the time of day??) but that is what I’ve experienced in a nutshell.


I reviewed my stream last night and can pinpoint exactly the time it switched from “black and white” to “normal mode”. What’s interesting enough is that when it’s REALLY dark there is no question that the camera is in night vision mode. However, when it’s just dim, it seems like the feed is just in “black and white” and not “night vision” mode. I confirmed this by again reviewing last night’s stream and can see a clear distinction between when it was truly in night vision mode and when it was just black and white.

So therefore, I have a feeling that this is intentional since in dim lighting conditions, a black and white stream shows more detail than a colour feed, even if night vision is off. Therefore, in summary there seems to be three modes:

  1. Night Vision feed (pitch black or very dark)
  2. Black and White feed (dim, but not dark enough for night vision mode to kick in. This is also where if you manually switch night vision mode to “off” and then back to “normal”, it will stay in normal mode which is causing people think that it’s stuck in night vision.
  3. Normal/Colour feed (when there is sufficient light)

Maybe someone from Wyze can confirm and/or chip in…

There are only two modes. If it’s black & white, it’s in night mode. But in medium to dim lighting conditions, the illumination of the LEDs may not be enough to overwhelm to natural lighting and so you don’t really notice the LEDs are on/illuminating.