Color night vision not working

I’ve only had the cam pan v3 for 10 days , everything was great until a few nights ago the colored night vision stopped working and is only in black and white , if I turn on the outside light I get color but not in darkness . I’ve done troubleshooting all configuration settings are right . I have not heard back from support in 2 days so far . Any suggestions

On the Advanced Settings page, check for the Night Vision Mode and Night Vision Conditions settings. Make sure the first is in Auto. The options for the second are Dusk and Dark. That sets the threshold for switching from daytime (color) to nighttime (B&W) mode. If set to Dark, it has to be really dark before it will switch. If set to Dusk, it will switch to night mode when there is a bit more light.

same thing with 4 new ones i just connected a week ago. no color night vision. i will try the dusk thing tonite, otherwise all setting have been tried. not happy with cameras right now
BUT i got 2 og’s and they are not doing color either and they do not have dusk/dark setting.
wtf? y dont they make all the settings same on cameras? every one since the beginning are all different.

This was the response I got from WYZE

Well I made all the changes even the one that you sent which they replied. Not going well at all I will attach the pictures I have no clue how they get it to work like they show in their videos I will attach hopefully two different locations one with a night vision on one with a night vision off I can’t get it to upload the pictures

If you want your cams to decide, based on the light available outside, when to change between Color and Black and White, the setting should be AUTO.

If you want Color Video all the time, the setting should be OFF.

If you want Black & White all the time, the setting should be ON.

if u can open this is the shots on 2 cameras. one is set to off, then set to auto. as u can see the pic is rediculous and unuseable when in the off position and in the dark. the auto is just black and white.

Wyze Cams cannot see in the dark.

You don’t have enough Ambient light in the area to support Color Night Vision.

The Starlight Sensor that runs the Color Night Vision requires some light from the surrounding area in order for it to amplify the image. When you don’t have enough ambient light, it looks black in color vision. This will always be the case if the Night Vision Mode is OFF. The only way to brighten the image is to provide some light to the FOV.

If, under those very dark conditions, you have the cam set to Night Vision Mode ON or AUTO, the cam will engage the Infrared filter, change to Black & White, and turn on the LED IR Lights on the face of the cam to provide the Infrared light needed to illuminate the FOV. If you have the IR lights set to off, this too will look black.

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then what is the purpose of buying these new ones for color? i think i will send them back. my old ones do just as good. and i will save $130.
the og has a little light and it doesnt even come on when set properly. i said i wouldnt buy any more of their stuff and i broke down and gave it a try.
i just did what u said and changed setting and closed app , etc. the settigs were the same i changed when reopened and still nothing.
thanks for trying

Many folks have enough ambient light in the area to support the Color Night Vision. It works very well in low light situations. It does not work in no light situations. There has to be some light in the area from a street lamp, lamp post, porch light, landscape lighting, full moon, etc. to make it work.

I actually prefer the IR Night Vision as it provides more detail than Color Night Vision.

From your photos, the cam is working and the settings are working. The cam does not have enough light for Color Night Vision.

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This is what night vision looks like with it on Auto . With night vision off you can’t see much of anything unless there is a bit of outside light . I don’t think this looks bad at all .

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That’s the reason I bought 2 of these Can pan and a cam pro and it’s not as good but it’s just a good as ring or srlo and it’s cheaper. I’ve only had these 3 cameras for a week , I have 3 more weeks to decide if I’ll send them back and try something else.

New pan cam and og cameras

OK, JUSTpurchased 4 more cameras hoping for better results hve almost every type since years ago. some never worked very well. few ok but not great. so before i return these new ones as they are suppose to record in color. they are not. geez, its ridiculous. night vision is where the problem is. i purchased 2 pan cams, 2 OG’s. i have changed the settings as many times as i could. NONE of them are recording or viewing in color. any suggestions what may do the trick? i am really tired of it claiming things about these cameras and wasting my money.

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Is your daytime viewing also in black and white? You have to look at your night vision settings and make sure it’s either off so you can get color at all times of the day, or auto for when you want it to switch to night vision when it gets dark out so that the camera can use the IR illuminators to brighten up your scene.

It’s kind of confusing if you want color at night, you will need the night vision mode to be disabled at night or in low light situations. The cameras have starlight sensors so they have great performance in low light situations. Can you provide screenshots of the issues that you are having and the settings of the cameras involved? Maybe some fresh eyes on what you’re seeing can help point you in the right direction to get your desired results.

I’m sure the remedy is just an easy verification of your settings to make sure they are set correctly to show color in low light situations.

i dont know what else it can be. i have changed everything i can think of and what the stupid BOT tells u to do. i have changed it to auto. have tried night vision on and off. i attached a video, is that what u mean? i will check to see if i can get screen shot of settings. i’m not super literate of these things. but very frustrated.

here are 2 pics of the settings

When you change the settings and then exit back out to the home screen, close the app and reopen, are the settings the way you changed them or do they revert to prior settings?

What happens when you set the Night Vision mode to OFF? Do you get color Live Stream, Color Upload Events, and Color SD Recording then?

The photo you are looking at I posted is what happens when it is off it is almost completely dark. You can see very little color but it is nowhere near what it should be the black and white photo is on the auto set and yes I have turned it off and on so many times my fingers do it automatically. LOL that is the OG camera and also the new cam pan V3. I have two of each and they are all the same. The ones I have indoor are a little better when I turn it to the off position instead of Auto but it’s still nowhere near the clarity that the black and white is.

You have the Night Vision Conditions set to “Dusk”. That means that the camera will switch to night mode (B&W with the IR lights on) when it’s moderately dark. The other option is “Dark” where the camera will stay in daytime (color) until it is quite dark before it switches to night mode. I have a couple cameras that are specifically locked into Night Vision Mode to “Off” because I want the camera to stay in daytime mode regardless of the lighting.

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I have night vision set to auto and Dark . I have tried having NV set on off for the NV color but I find the picture not as good set to off .