Color night vision not working

When your camera is not in “night vision mode” (when your picture is in color), you need visible light in the area to see. When your camera goes into night vision mode (black and white image), your camera can also use the IR lights to illuminate the area.


This camera is in night vision mode, and is using the IR illuminators to lighten the scene. IRs are invisible to the naked eye.

This looks like "night vision mode is disabled here, and the shadows you see are from the moon light coming through the trees. To illuminate this scene you need a porch light on, or some flood light etc.

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i believe us said these are same as ring and arlo cameras and cheaper. have u tried the other brands? and i also can not get the OG light to come on. it is set to auto, NOT manual, so its suppose to come on when motion detected. it is not. to many different settings on every different camera/ why dont they make them all the same