2 questions Cam Pan vs Cam Pan v2

I have two questions concerning the new Cam Pan v2 which I recently purchased to replace / upgrade my original Cam Pan .

  1. I purchased the original with door and motion sensors which of course communicated via the internal Cam Pan sense bridge. Am I correct that I will need something else to connect all of these devices to be controlled and monitored by Wyze App?

  2. I like the new color night vision. However, I read on the forum that the options are either turn on the color vision or revert to black and white. Is there a remotely accesible third option to turn off ALL night vision? My application is that I image at night with cameras that are sensitive up into the 950nm range. When 950nm might vision is on it is very apparent in my images. I need to be able to completely turn off night vision remotely while imaging and then turn back on when not in use. Is this possible with v2?

Appreciate any help on these questions.


I can’t answer your question 1, but for 2, I’m not sure what you are asking. Just to avoid any terminology confusion, what you are referring to as “color night mode” is really daytime mode (but the sensor is good enough that you can see color in fairly dark conditions). Assuming the Pan 2 is like all the other Wyze cameras, there are three operating modes. “On” turns night mode on (regardless of lighting conditions). “Off” turns night mode off (regardless of lighting conditions). “Auto” lets the camera switch between night and day modes depending on lighting conditions. Separate from that is a control that enables the IR illumination (when in night mode). In the case of the V3 (and I’m speculating the Pan 2) you can select which IR wavelength to use if the IR illumination is on. Lastly and again on the V3 (and speculating on the Pan 2), there is a setting that sets how dark it has to get before the camera will switch to night mode, Obviously I don’t own (nor plan on getting) any Pan 2 cameras. I do have 13 operational V3 cameras.

Bob, if that does not answer your question, can you explain better what you are asking.

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Thanks Jim for the quick response. Sorry if I didn’t explain myself well.

I am speaking specifically of the IR illumination. The original Pan camera has the on-auto-off which controls the IR illumination which is at 950nm as opposed to the more common ~850nm. In the Off mode which can be remotely controlled there is no illumination and of course the camera itself picks up next to nothing if there is no other illumination in the room. This is the capability I seek.
In reading the specs for v2 they talk about ‘Color Night Vision’ and ‘Grayscale Night Vision’. Somewhere on the forum I had seen that the control you have is to switch between the two but either of those would have some form of IR illumination. What I am trying to confirm is whether with the v2 I can turn off ALL illumination remotely and not just switch between the two. Hope that is a bit clearer.


You might want to leave an older camera in place with the bridge, unless you have the Home Monitoring Service with a V2 hub. The new hub can support the older sensors, but you can’t purchase it without the HMS at the moment.


As I said in my original reply, the IR illumination can be disabled - separately from night mode.


There is an override setting that controls just the ir lights.

If the ir light setting is on, when the camera nv mode (black.and white picture) is in the on or auto, the ir lights will illuminate when the camera goes until the black and white “nv mode”. If the ir light toggle is off, no matter what mode the camera is in, the irs will stay off.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll leave the original in the system and just add the v2 into system for now. Don’t really need another camera in that system but not a big problem until they possibly separate out the core sense module.

Thanks again,


Fwiw, I found the color night mode terrible and completely useless. I swapped a v1 with a v2 and saw zero difference. Will be going back to v1 and save $50.

So you have some compairson photos to show? The color at night still needs some light, as low as atleast some moon light to work. The changing moon phases is very noticeable with these starlight sensors. You can’t get color at night anything out of complete darkness.