Anyone else with issues with IR

Lately been having issues with one of my cameras. Installed (attached magnetically to overhead rail) in the garage and in the dark would be able to see well. It was fine for awhile and was able to see in the dark, but lately I noticed it’s hard to see. Don’t know if the (near) IR went out or not. Running firmware

There are two parts to the night vision. Make sure night vision is on by tapping the crescent moon icon at the top of the Live Stream. First check the IR LEDs by looking at the face of the camera. The LEDs will appear as faint red dots around the lens.

Next switch night vision on and off and see if you hear the IR filter clicking in and out. If not, that may mean it’s stuck. You can try to move it manually by holding a strong magnet up against various sides of the camera.

If either of these is not working, then I’d try a factory reset per the troubleshooting guide found here:

If that fails, you will need to contact support for a possible replacement.

Same issue here; IR filter NOT clicking
I don’t find the factory reset instructions

@magicimagedesign Welcome to the Wyze community! The link above is broken. Check out the new link below.

I have 7 wyze cam v2’s installed in various places in the house. today i noticed something wierd on 3 of the cameras, only 2 IR lights turn on. the rest seem fine with all 4 IR lights turning on.
I have tried to power cycle them but no luck. on the app the IR settings are the same for ALL 7 cameras, i have tripple checked. Infact there is no setting to choose 2 or 4 IR lights, its either they are all on or all off as far as i know.
what could be the issue?

What firmware do you have on the cameras? Different versions on those that work and those that don’t?

Am on firmware which is the latest.
Keep in mind i have 7 cameras, & all 4 IR lights used to work on all 7 cameras, its just yesterday i noticed the anomaly on 1 camera & decided to check them all and indeed found the problem occuring on 3 of them.

I have the same situation as you with one of my V2 Wyze Cams. The top two IR lights do not turn on anymore. A full reset and being on the latest firmware does not fix it. I believe these lights or its connection has just burnt out and the V2 cam is now partially defective.

I would love an official communication on this, i think its hardware related, but since half the lights turn on, then it might be the bulbs. But then again i wonder why it on happens in twos, either top two or bottom two

I read back to see your issue, if I am understanding correctly you have v2 cameras, v2 cameras have 4 ir lights around the lens, all 4 should light up. If you have some that are not lighting up they may have failed. I would try contacting support on this.

WYZE Support

Live support is available:


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But I assume those of us that no longer have a warranty (my V2 cam is 1.5 years old, plus bought on in Canada with no warranty anyways) are out of luck. Any self fix possible? What is the cause of two lights out of the four no longer coming on? The OP and I are not the only ones out there with this problem. Any official response from Wyze regarding possible causes and more importantly possible fixes for an issue that occurred with less than 2 years of use?

That is possibly the case unfortunately

It is possible depending on how good you are and if you can get your hands on the parts, I have never tried myself but I have seen some very resourceful people on the forum.

This I do not know, I have one cam where only 3 of the 4 work but have not looked into a cause.

I have not seen any official responses (I am a temp worker for Wyze currently while Gwen is out) but I will see what I can find out.

yes that is correct, all my cameras are v2. out of 7 cameras, 3 cameras have only 2 lights coming on ( the rest are fine). unfortunately my cameras are 3 years old now, so i don’t qualify for warranty, but i can open them up if i can be directed to know what to check. i got an ifixit kit and i have above average soldering skills.