Night vision issues in beta app

I’m sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, I can’t see to find it.

I have a Pan Cam V2 & currently using the RTSP Ver. firmware on it. The cam works fine & I never have a issue with the RTSP stream with the app I use on Windows.

But on the Wyze beta app for IOS or Android the night vision has become really dark. I’m not sure when it started. The feed from the RTSP still looks like it always has & I can see my yard well. But in the App it might as be like no night vision anymore.

I’ll attach some photos. 2 of them are screenshots of the app with night vision on & off. You can see I might as well have it off. The other is a photo of PC with night vision on.
(Well being new I can only post 1 image. So it will be the screen shot of the really dark night vision.)

Any one have any idea why this is happening & any way to fix it?

Here is a screenshot with night vision turned off. It makes it where you can see a little better, but I used to have a much clearer image in night vision, just in black & white.

Can you go into the camera settings and then Advanced Features and check to see if you have the IR lights on or off, they seem to be off

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They are off. But they was always off. The camera is sitting behind glass so if I turn them on They just reflect.

There is lights outside that always provided enough light for the night vision to work with the IRs being on.

For example here is a photo of the much better looking night vision from the RTSP stream.

They must have changed something at some point that affected that, I would submit a log in the beta app, the logs in the beta app go to the developers so you will not get a response but they will look into it.

I have done this. I was just hoping posting here someone else might have noticed it & know of a fix. It almost like they did a adjustment of the image properties. Like the brightness & contrast & so on when the app sees the cam is in night vision mode.

It’s made the cam all but useless at night from app. I can look out the door & see what’s going on better.

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