V2 night vision brightness

Two of the same cams, both with identical settings, firmware identical, indoors in similar sized areas, look totally different. Why?

Not sure off hand, but something to try. Even though the darker one says Auto on the night vision icon, tap the icon to turn it on and see if it makes a difference. I have to do this on occasion with one my old Video Doorbells

To me it looks like the IR is off.

With the ir lights off, the image is completely black. Tried that just before I took the screenshot.

Two possibilities –

Do you see 4 red lights on the front panel? It is possible not all 4 are on (v rare).

Also, anything bright in the picture can turn down the IR lights. Normally it is pretty obvious because there is a bright white corner, side, bottom – But I’m wondering if those small bright reflections aren’t enough to do that. Try covering those with a tarp, or angling the camera above them. Since even the bench in the foreground may be affecting things, the temporary angle up may work best.

If you find a best solution, then you can figure out how to deal with it. If not we can move on to other guesses. :slight_smile:

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Two LEDs only illuminated. Figures. I fixed it tho. Put a different brand cam next to it. Works perfectly now.

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