V3 night motion

At night the v3 activates every 1-3 minutes due to little bugs. I turned the sensitivity all the way down and it keeps going off for little bugs flying by. Is there a fix I can do so I don’t have to turn the cam off at night or does Wyze have to fix this.

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I keep the IR lights off outside, it attracts and illuminates the bugs. If you need IR recomend seperate lamp mounted away from the camera.
Use the IR Lamps for indoor or garage if there is no ambient light.


Thank you. Ill try that.

I’m Having the exact same problem. What’s the point of having night vision if it can’t be used? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Wyze but I was hoping for an improved sensor in V3.

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Its true, the IR lamps are not required outdoors to get color night vision with very little ambient light.
Not sure what you mean but "same exact problem? :woman_shrugging:

@dr.know, the same problem as @Ermaxwell07 is describing with the bugs.