Bugs activating v3 cam

I am using v3 cams outdoors to capture wildlife on my property. There are led lights near one of the cams and bugs are constantly setting off the motion sensor. I’ve tried adjusting the sensitivity but it doesn’t help. Does anyone have a suggestion how to eliminate the bugs from triggering the cams? Thanks.

Unfortunately, the only way you’re going to prevent bugs from triggering motion is to turn off night vision mode (use color starlight mode vs v3 infrared) and put some distance between the camera and external light sources.


Thanks I will try that

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if u really need the IR lights, one thing I did that seemed to help, was change to “Near” instead of far.

You can also buy a separate IR source and place it somewhere where the camera can see the infrared light it gives off, but not be near enough to the camera that the bugs are attracted to it.

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yeah I had one of those, worked great but was kinda unsightly.

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I made the mistake of turning on the night vision and the IR lights on my V3 the other day just to see what it looked like. I got tons of “Bug” event recordings. I learned my lesson .

Thanks everyone for the great ideas. I turned off night vision last night and that seemed to help a lot.

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This is where a setting to allow users to have it ignore motion less than 3 seconds on length would be so helpful

Will the V3 camera record anything if I turn off the night vision due to the insects if there is no other light source?

Not as much and if pitch black nothing.

You could keep night vision on and disable the led’s then get external I.R. illumination flood lamps and have source light away from camera.

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