V3 Sensitivity

I’m struggeling with my V3 Sensitivity. One of my cameras is set up in a garden and overnight in particular I get way too many triggers from bugs flying by and other small objects in the air.
The Motion sensitivity is set to 90. Wondering if I lower that to something like 30 will that help my situation or will I lose too much other activity from larger things passing by (like small animals etc). Also, will lowering from 90 to 30 mean that I would lose activity that is further away from the camera. Thanks n advance…Tom


Yes. Lowering the sensitivity will help. However any cam with IR night vision and 4 IR Emitters on the cam face is going to be prone to false positives from attracting bugs flying so close to the cam and reflecting all that IR straight back. They look like a 747 in size at that point.

One thing I have done is to turn off all notifications for All Other Motion events and only allow notifications for AI events. I also filter out all motion only events in the events list. It doesn’t get rid of all false positive AI tags, but it sure quiets things down.

If you have enough ambient light to turn off the IR Night Vision and go full color night vision, it will solve most of your issues as the IR emitters will not come on to attract bugs and won’t be on to reflect off of close bugs.


To add, also look into separate IR flood lights if you want to keep the invisible illumination. These ir flood lights or blasters can be mounted away from the camera and illuminate the area of importance, but wont be lighting up the bugs and making them godzilla sized also cutting down on particulate and bugs showing as motion.


It turns out there is enough ambient light for me to switch to night vision off. With that in place I have noticed that I am not getting any false triggers from stuff flying by in the night like bugs and other weird fuzzy things flying around in the dark.

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Awesome! The IR lights are quite powerful when the object is millimeters from the cam lens. The Color Night Vision is also impressive.

I have one cam that I was able to dial back to Near IR and get good results. Others are off. Some have no ambient light so I dial back the sensitivity, sweep the cobwebs regularly, and only set for PD.

If at some point you feel you need just a bit more light, adding a very low power LED bulb on a timer to an outdoor entry light or security light can also improve the field color vision considerably.