IR Sensitivity Setting

I just installed 2 Wyze V3 units. They work great, but in night vision mode they detect super fast airborne particles or water droplets. I typically get a lot of fog, this seems to be a problem in IR mode. I am not sure how low the sensitivity settings can usefully go. However it seems like the algorithm is super sensitive and it does not track detected object speed which means anything can trigger it really, Any ideas?

Fog, snow, rain, bugs… All of these will be detected by a camera in infrared mode that has the infrared light coming from the same enclosure as the lens. It’s just like driving at night in those conditions with your brights on. The only real solution is to use a separate IR source and disable the IR lights onboard the camera.

The Outdoor cam uses PIR (heat) detection method and largely ignores non human movement.

Have you tried color at night? Do you have ambient light that the camera could pickup? Turn the night vision mode to off to test it out then let it go for a night and see if it has a good picture.

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As @Omgitstony replied or if you don’t have enough ambient light for decent color night vision, try turning off Night Vision IR Lights in Advanced Settings. This v3 cam is using night vision but without IR lights. The far edge of my field is 100 feet away. It’s raining outside with pollen and bugs from hell and I see none of it, nor does the cam… the slightest bit of ambient light and night vision… no false triggers.


I have three V3’s mounted outside. I had to turn IR completely off or it was dust and bug and rain and snow notifications every few minutes. Sadly I live in a remote area with no secondary lighting. So night vision is pretty much worthless for me.