V3 Cam motion detection unusable (dust, bugs)

I recently purchased several V3 cams in order to test them against several cameras from other makers.

While the image quality is excellent and the features are great the motion detection algorithm appears to render the camera useless as a security camera.

With the IR light illuminated every single speck of dust will trigger an event even with sensitivity set to the lowest setting. And outdoors where the IR light seems to attract bugs the camera becomes completely incapacitated by constant motion detection. The only thing you can rely on is that it will alert you every 5 minutes to nothing.

If you’re willing to pay for the person detection, and disable motion detection then it becomes usable.

However none of the other cameras that are being tested have this problem. And we are not paying for their advanced AI detection algorithms either.

This appears to be a software problem.

Is wyze aware of this or do I merely have a defective batch? Reviewers of the previous version did not encounter this problem. If this is normal going forward is the marketing strategy to keep it this way to require customers who want to use it as a event monitor, to pay for person detection?

Or will they be working on a software fix to make its functionality more in line with basically every other security camera on the market.

Unfortunately as it is now, the v3 appears to be completely unusable for its intended purpose and if there’s no fix in the works I think these units are going to be going back.

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Wyze needs to make it crystal clear to consumers that the Outdoor model uses PIR detection that ignores bugs, moving shadows, etc, and is by far the better camera in certain but not all outdoor situations. I like the V3 much better for its features in general. The outdoor model doesn’t capture people until they’re within 10 or 15 ft of the camera usually, at which point it can sense their body heat, so that’s kind of a bummer, making the outdoor model most applicable to focusing on a small porch and door fairly close up.

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My friend who has the v2 thinks these cameras are defective. With the sensitivity turned all the way down to one they recorded a video to the cloud every 1 to 2 minutes all night long. I think if everyone’s cameras were this bad nobody would be buying them. Do others have the same experience? Or is it possible these are defective?

post a screenshot of the live feed from each camera so that forum users can have an idea of what the camera is looking at.

For troubleshooter nf make sure “motion tagging” is on, to help determine what “motion” is being detected by the camera. Like @oldgeek asked for, a screenshot ir even a clip for a visual aid will help the group here provide helpful hints.

I’m having the same issue after the last update, no matter what I change in the settings my V3 cameras are hypersensitive and like you I get constant annoying alerts when nothing occurred.

I was reluctant to purchase the V3 cam but it’s the best one I have ever owned. I recently took down a security system by simplisafe. I had a motion detection on the only door I have, I had another motion detection 7 feet from the door and facing it and a third motion detection attached to a camera about 12 feet from the door that also faced it. I had a keypad to turn it all on or off and had human beings monitoring the system. For about 4 months, whoever was going into my home continued to be able to do so and not one time did the security system pick up any problems. I called simplisafe and they couldn’t help me think of any possible way a person could get past the security system. Amazingly, the two times I called the police, they would not make a report for me because there were no signs of intrusion. Although, I was told that I could change the locks without permission from the landlord. Before I got simplisafe, I used a number of motion detection camera’s and there was always two significant problems. None of the cameras worked well enough to pick up motion further than 7 feet. If the cams actually did detect motion, there was a 10 second delay before recording would start. Basically, a person could walk around without worry of ever being recorded… the intruder would have to dance for a great deal of time in front of my camera before it would actually record them.

With the V3 cam, I don’t mind the occasional “false alarms” when the cam pics up shadows, birds or bugs. However, I am not able to adjust the viewing area to minimize the false alarm effect with cars or people walking by. The feature in the app doesn’t have an effect on the camera making the adjustments. I guess I have to manually adjust.

I cannot adjust my detection zone either. I set it where I want it to see possible intruders and when I go back into the app to check to be sure it’s detecting where I want it to cover, it’s reset back to the middle of the screen.
I notice this more on an android device vs my apple device

Oops, did I just change the topic?

Maybe it is an android thing,… when i had checked the viewing area in the app after the cam picked up moving cars out of my chosen viewing area, according to the app, nothing had changed from my selection. So, for whatever the reason, the actual camera was /is not getting the message from the app informing it of the changes I had made. I even tried making the viewing area very very small in the app and it didn’t have an effect on the cam.

I will get some videos to post.

But essentially indoors or out… The tiniest fleck of dust for a millisecond will trigger the motion box. The shadow of an insect for a millisecond. A bird flying by for a split second.

These are all things that if you were looking at the feed you probably wouldn’t even notice with your naked eye. You only might notice it if you were focused on the exact spot, and if you blink you would have missed it.

I am not experiencing any similar behavior from Riolink or Eufy.

Last night the cameras recorded events every 1 to 3 minutes all night long… Even with sensitivity set at 1.

At this point… These cameras are going back.

I am wondering if anything can be done via the phone app other than view, delete, save and turning the cam on / off?

+1 on the hyper sensitive detection for insects and other transient motion. I swapped a v2 for a v3 in the same spot and have been getting flooded with motion events ever since. V2 had been set to 50 in the detection sensitivity, and in the v3, I’ve dropped it down to 30, with little effect. Hate to decrease or so much and it’s starting to miss events during the day. Really wish something could be done. Ignoring motion below a user selected threshold would probably do it with minimal effort.

You aren’t the only one and Wyze doesn’t listen as I’ve complained. Apparently they are busy developing their new wifi toothbrush for release…

I purchased 2 of the version 3 outdoor cameras as well, they were sitting on my desk for a few months before I got around to getting one of them installed outside.

After finally getting it installed where it’s looking down my driveway I’m also getting constant detection at night of just about every little dust particle and bug on my property. As well as during the day every little shadow on the ground causes the camera to activate and record.

After basically having to turn the camera off at night and then try to remember to turn it back on during the day I finally decided to take the other camera out of the box that’s been sitting and install it on the front porch so I can see if the other camera was damaged or something. Unfortunately this camera is doing the exact same thing and it doesn’t matter how low I set this detection settings I’m also paying the yearly fee for Cam plus.

I have several other indoor and outdoor version 2 cameras and none of them are doing this so there’s obviously something wrong somewhere with these new version 3 cameras.

And with Wyze apparently not wanting to do anything to fix this issue seeing how these cameras have been out for quite some time now I’m now having to look into the Ring Cameras, I didn’t want to pay the higher yearly subscription fee but after my sister got one of these and she seems to love it and she said she doesn’t get any faults constant records at night, also one of the coolest features is I noticed that when you get within 20ft or so of the camera it verbally tells you that you’re being recorded, I thought that was cool.