V3 Disaster!

Hello, Sarah - regarding Ticket 919407:
Your Ticket response to me was thorough and I’m sure, in good faith, so I thank you, yet it solved none of my WyzeCam issues. Since the day I receive my WyzeCam version 3, I’ve tried everything I could think of to get it to work, but to no avail. Having had multiple WyzeCam version 2s beginning in October, 2018, I’ve had experience with probably every glitch imaginable (so am not a newbie). While I was thrilled with my purchases for the six months immediately prior to April, 2020, since then, WyzeCam trouble-shooting has become a daily way of life, my constantly running before each camera to test it over and over after each adjustment I made; hours spent. I’ve invested in stronger WiFi hardware, changed my networks, deleted my cameras, restarted my cameras, deleted and re-installed the app, separately changed each setting and testing, hoping to get lucky, etc. I have 32G SD cards that perform faithfully in each camera, and try to stay independent of “clouds”. Previously, the latest grief was the detection zone grid that triggers outside the set area, even by a full grid box’s distance.

On the same day I saw your introduction of and glowing solicitation for the WyzeCam version 3, I ordered one. It is great for live-streaming in low light and is (hopefully) weather-resistant, but nothing more. Since the day I installed it, not only does it not perform ANY detections, but the performance of my V2s has dropped from about 60-70% to about 20-30%. Although setting the “Motion” button to “hot” will show Events from V3 with the time in seconds displayed, I have no interest in “Motion” - only in “Person” detections. The V3 does not send notifications for “Person” (as is suggested, if not represented, in your ad), but doesn’t even send notifications for “Motion” events. It’s just a live monitor.

Just in case we’re in disagreement about what I should have expected, here are two directly copied and pasted passages from your advertisement excitedly announcing its availability:

"Wyze Cam v3 performs 25x better in low light, is IP65 weather-resistant, and keeps all the features you already love (hint: Free cloud storage + MicroSD slot)."  


        "No subscriptions required."  

Those are YOUR words, not mine. Yet right out of the box, it becomes a trial. Yes, I’m accustomed to preparing to install downloads of various brands of software that promote themselves as free, but then turn out to be only “trials”, but DID NOT EXPECT THAT from Wyze, which has always impressed me with a rare degree of indulgence and honesty with its customers, a breath of fresh air. I look forward to the expiration today of my V3 trial. I know that this message does not pose a question for you to answer other than how are you going to help me get the value that is reasonably expected? I’m posting this on the forum in the hopes that someone there might help.