Headlamps at night, no triggers during the day

Hey, fellow Wyze owners, my Wyze v3 is not cooperating. The only time it triggers event recording and sends notifications at night, when headlamps and tail lights display. Daytime, nothing.

Settings: twilight mode on, sound off.

At night, in spite of buying the window mounts, auto mode will default to IR, which results in a gray reflected image. Off, just darkness. So, I have to put it in twilight mode. Then, even though I set the capture area to not include the front and side streets (see pic), it will put a detection box around the bright lights that are outside of the detection area and trigger notifications. Otherwise, it picks up nothing.

During the day, nothing triggers notification. The only recording is set to 24-hour schedule to the SD card. Mail trucks, people walking by, neighbours’ cars, and even my car yesterday, parking it at the end of the sidewalk.

Is there a way to fix this? I feel so disappointed.

Other pic, trigger area

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Few questions:

Do you have camplus on this camera? What are your notification settings? Sensitivity settings? Can you post an event video of the motion outside of the detection zone? Picture of your event tab?

You can set your night vision mode to “auto” then your “ir lights” setting to off. That way no ir lights will turn on and cause reflection. Also can play with the dusk and dawn settings to choose when the night vision switches to on. One of the settings will hold longer into darkness before switching to NV and one will switch earlier.

Local storage (sd card) and cloud storage (free 12 secs or camplus are seperate and Independant of eachother. App notifications are triggered from cloud events. If you remove all filters in your event tab, do you see any more events?

Omgitstony: thank you for your helpful response!

No cam plus. I use a SD card set to record 24 hours, and use the notifications. If need to see more than the 12 seconds, I refer to recording.


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Events tab:

Night vision is now set to auto (was off). IR setting has been off since initial setup. Day/Night settings are at past dusk and early dawn.

All filters in events are now removed, but it still triggers upon bright lights, such as headlamps. The green box doest stay on as long, though.

I will post a video from cloud notification as soon as I figure out how.

Okay. Poking around on the app, I noticed the download icon on the recorded clip. I also discovered that my Samsung tablet does not have a screen recorder button available in quick settings.
Processing: event1636020245000_2CAA8EF3EBCF011636020245.mp4…

Bloody hell. Now it’s saying new users cannot upload attachments. Isn’t that what static images are, too?

Thanks for the uploads! For troubleshooting I would turn your sensitivities all the way to 100. That way you can see all the camera can trigger to with your detection zone and then back off and lower the sensitivity to find a sweet spot between stuff you want to get notified for and stuff you don’t. You may get a lot more notifications at night, but hopefully you get more notifications during the day. I don’t know how many other cameras you have but in your event tab I’d clear that one filter that’s only showing one camera.

Event filters do not change how a camera detects motion or what events it creates. Event filters in the event tab only organize what was saved to the cloud is displayed in the app.

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Got it… Thank you for helping this user! :+1:

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