IR rule - sunset / sunrise

The situation is that at night, there is enough light that the IR while set to auto does not go into IR mode.
Things look better in IR mode, and while I can turn it on, I have to remember to turn it off.
I guess this would be for a wishlist but do not know where to put the request.

I think it would be great to schedule the IR filter for sunset and sunrise.

Any other ideas?


Yep, that would be a great addition to the Rules Actions which is currently not available.

When you want to add a feature to the #wishlist, The Topic Category needs to be “Wishlist”. If you can’t edit your post topic, one of the mods can move it.


Vote for these Wishlist items:


Also remember that with the V3 camera, there is also a setting that sets how dark it needs to be before the camera switches to night mode. The selections are: Dusk and Dark. If set to Dark, it has to be REALLY dark before it will switch. For your situation, the Dusk setting may be better.


I do have it set to dusk, but I need to be able to schedule IR on and off.


Just follow the links to the existing wishlist topics provided by Newshound above and directly reply with your use case/comment. Also, please remember to scroll up to the top of the wishlist topic(s) and click the Vote button in the upper left corner.