Night Vision Scheduling V2 and V3 Cams

Currently, the only options for night vision are Auto, On, or Off. I would like to be able to set the time for the night vision to go on and off instead of relying on Auto, or having it always on or always off. Quick and easy software addition <3

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If night vision were included as an action in the shortcuts feature you would be able to schedule it. Therefore, I’d suggest you also hop over and vote for this topic:


Thanks. Sorry I didn’t mean to post something that was already brought up. I’ll do a search next time. I voted them both up. This thread only has 6 votes so I guess it’s unlikely they will implement it. The other one might have a chance.

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there currently isn’t. there is a post on the wishlist about additional rules people would like added. scheduling night vision is one of about 40 on that list. I agree it could be very helpful to many people to have that extra control.

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