Latest update - pointless rules button

The latest update had a new button on the home page which allows you to turn off the notifications at night … Am I mistaken but I thought you could do this already in the rules?

Please, please Wyze can we please have something that is new and of use - rather than just re-package a feature that is already there.

I am desperate for a rule that allows me to schedule when night vision is switched on and off because the auto setting does not work very well. e.g. I have problems with a nearby Street light that casts enough light to keep the night vision off when set to auto but the lamp also casts shadows that need night vision on.

So, every night I have to manually switch on night vision and switch it off every morning.

It would be nice to be able to schedule the times it switches night vision on and off.

On a positive note …

The latest update has fixed the problems of viewing and deleting events from bottom to top of the events list and getting an 04 error because returning to the events page didn’t refresh the page … Now it works fine!

What type of camera are you using that gets these results? Is it a V3? If so have you played with the dusk/dawn settings?

Edit/here’s some further light reading of wish list topics that may assist you here. Give them a vote!

And just to add the rule actions to the rule sets.

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Hi - thanks to both of you for your replies. My cameras are V3’s


I have switched off the IR Lights in the cameras and have got 940nm wall mounted IR lights with built in photocells that switch them on when it gets dark. They work well when the V3’s have night vision switched on - in black and white of course. The problem is that the street light keeps night vision off when set in auto and my V3 does not see in the shadow areas illuminated by the 940nm lamps.

@Omgitstony - I will look at the dusk to dawn options and get back to you.

Ah of course. Sorry for the detour.

I have just realised that the problem camera never sees dusk or dawn as the street light turns on before dark and stays on until it is light the next morning.

My work-around ( if you can call it that! ) it’s to just manually switch night vision on and off. The street light is still bright on the event videos but at least it can pick up motion in the dark shadow areas.

Please please please, give us the option to turn this feature off. Some of us want to actually be able to click on our cameras without having to scroll around an annoying rules button we don’t have any use for.

@speadie - I totally agree.

People who use rules know how to use them without a stupid button on the home page.

I cannot understand why it was put there - the home page is cluttered enough without it.

Also - have you seen the widgets??

I didn’t know the Wyze app had them until recently - it allows you to go directly to the live screen of any camera - saving you ONE touch of a button - why bother when you see what it looks like. On Android it is a 4x4 white square with a bit of tiny writing and an icon … It seems like Wyze are employing 12 year old people for coding the app.

I have some SharpTools widgets to control Smartthings. They are grey and white when in the off state and turn yellow when it switches on the device. They also show the state of the device if it is switched on or off manually.

I’m not sure why Wyze are producing amateurish “improvements”