Need night vision scheduling

PLEASE add scheduling for night vision! My cameras stay in color vision mode because of landscape lighting, but the lights blind the camera, making them almost useless. When in night vision mode, clarity is MUCH better with the lighting. I had to use a variable density lens filter over my v3pro to dim the lighting enough to force night mode, but this is cumbersome and costs as much as the camera itself. And I have about 10 cameras. PLEASE!!!

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Have you tried adjusting the setting for night vision conditions in the cams settings > advanced settings?

You can change how dark it needs to be before night vision switches on.

If this doesn’t work for you, please use the #wishlist to suggest this feature

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There are several existing #wishlist requests that would cover your request. You can follow the links to vote for the topic at the top and then add a post describing your need if you want.

Schedule Night Vision On\Off\Auto as an Action within a Rule:

Ability to adjust the light level\sensitivity for Auto Night Vision:

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I got the same problem that the night vision never been tuned on due to the street lights. I had tried all the available settings in auto night vision mode but none of them make it works. My camera supposes to work with a garage door controller which has a QR code stuck to the garage door for open/close detection. However, the camera can’t see the QR code at night when setting night vision on auto (since night vision has never been triggered to be turned on). And, it’s not able to see the QR code during the day if I turn on night vision all time. Would need the feature schedule on/off night vision to resolve this problem. I got windows on my garage door which causes the problem but it’s very common, at least in my neighborhood, that has windows on the garage doors.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @jimmynunchakuslei!

I agree that this feature request should be developed by Wyze for specific use cases such as yours. However, posting the justification for that here isn’t going to get Wyze eyes on it. This is a user to user forum with very limited Wyze Team interaction. The #wishlist, however, has a much greater impact on the features Wyze develops.

Follow the links above and vote, like, and post your need in those threads.