Adjustable auto night vision sensitivity

As an example, my house is dark, but not enough to make it necessary to use night vision all the time, which is what happens when I set it to auto. I’d like to tweak how dark it needs to be before night vision kicks in.

Would like to see this too. Though got the opposite problem.

The night vision threshold is too finicky for when my outdoor sensor light goes on and the cam keeps flipping back and forth between day and night mode, like a blinking kid staring at the sun. Also the pan cam tracks the mode changes as motion and keeps spazzing out moving back and forth randomly, generating random alerts.

A night vision sensitivity slider should help with this


i continue to have the same issue as deliriumm.tonic Several rooms in my home arent overly lit at dawn and dusk, and the sensor click incesantly for 30-45 minutes at least , daily ,if set to auto>
There cerainly should be a way to adjust sensitivity of when the IR is activated.

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Kyle from Tech Support told me to create a wishlist item to allow the user to adjust night vision sensitivity. Looks like you already have it covered!

This was in response to my complaint that the night vision flips on and off repeatedly on some of my cams. Takes about 5 minutes to stop.

Devs: we need adjustable levels for night vision on, and night vision off.

Or, you can just go into the code now and make it a little darker for night vision on, and a little lighter for night vision off. That might be enough to solve my current issue.

One more thing – you need to wait longer after motion tagging due to the switch ends. I get motion alerts due to the switch about 50% of the time on one of the cameras. That’s not a valid alert.


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Happens constantly on some cams. Never on others. Very frustrating. Still an unresolved issue even at this time.

Perhaps a debounce value could be set.

In other words, when the camera changes from one condition to another, don’t allow it to change again for a period of time.

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Please add a setting to allow setting the light sensitivity for transitioning into night mode. All of my cameras constantly “click” while trying to decide if there is enough light to stay in day mode. If there were a setting we could adjust the sensitivity then the cameras wouldn’t consistently toggle the IR filter at dusk and dawn. I’ve had to turn on constant night mode on one of them because it bothers my wife while trying to sleep.

Any word on this? Surprised a couple of my cameras still work with the night vision lens flipping back and forth for hours at a time occasionally. Would be nice to get some insight on this issue and any potential resolution.

Three weeks ago @ArthurH said they started working on this again (they thought it had been resolved, but @WyzeGwendolyn brought them back into the conversation). 10 days ago they released a new test firmware, but that failed:


Hi there. The first version of test firmware did not work well. We are working on other fixes to the issue.
Features like opening the sensitivity setting for night vision, or to create scheduling for day/night mode change, are in discussion. I will post the updates when available. Thank you.


Here’s my video for analysis. It is an IR emitter reflecting off of rain wetted, normally not that low, leaves, in view. Clicked on and off like that for hours. This sensitivity seems like it could be adjusted.

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So, I have indoor infrared on for night, the only issue is that during dim times, or cloudy, it clicks back and forth, on and off constantly. Is it possible to allow adjustment of the darkness sensitivity so it only triggers when it is truly dark?

I’d like to see the frame rate be adjustable, or sell a better camera, or record at higher data rates than is transmitted, give us better quality.

Any updates on the ability to adjust night vision sensitivity?

One of my cameras points into a room where the lights are on a dimmer. When we lower the lights, the camera keeps flipping back and forth between modes - very annoying, especially with the audible click every time.

Welcome to the community, @dayta01. If the status tag changes from “maybe-later” to “researching”, then that means it is on Wyze’s radar. :slight_smile:

Posted this to tech support and they suggested here is better:

Hi, less of a question and more of a suggestion. I’ve been noticing that at certain times/low light levels the camera goes crazy trying to decide between regular and night mode. And it goes back and forth and makes a loud clicking sound (which makes it less than inconspicuous), until the light levels change.
We need a way to adjust the light sensitivity for people’s different “thresholds” ; so when I do have just a table lamp on it doesn’t do this.
Thanks for considering it in the next update!

Selecting night vision.

It would be helpful if you could select the night vision setting you want when creating a scheduled program.

Outdoor lights (street light, lawn pole light, etc) are adversely affecting the quality of videos when night vision is set on “auto”. I have to manually change the setting to “on” at night then manually turn night vision off in the morning. Being able to program this setting for scheduled recordings would be a big help.

You’re absolutely right. This could be simple software fix where the thresholds to automatically switch on and off the night vision mode were set a little further apart than they currently are (or, optimally, allow us to select these thresholds ourselves, as two separate values rather than a single “sensitivity” value).

I’m really interested in seeing how a V3 does. The V3 is so sensitive to normal light that in some cases you may never switch to IR night vision!

I plan to replace all my critical night cams with V3s. :slight_smile:

An example of the higher color sensitivity of the camera is here:

The problem is that I need a V3 Pan, because the standard V3 is static. That said, I do have a couple of places where panning is not necessary, so perhaps I can buy a V3 for those rooms and move the Pans elsewhere.