Add More Actions for Wyze Rules

I’d really find the night vision options being added as an ingredient to be useful. The auto-detection feature doesn’t work well in my use case, and with the camera never shifting to night vision mode it makes it virtually useless at night. It would be great to be able to schedule it to switch at dusk and dawn rather than having to do it manually every day or risk missing something.

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If the camera offers a siren.
Then we should be able to functionally turn it on/ off with schedule times.
When scheduled time is set on.
Motion detection/sound should be able set off alarm.
For 30 seconds to one minute.
Than reset.
Helps keep the kid’s out the window’s.

Wyze Cam v3 - Schedule Sound Detection

Wyze Cam v2 allows you to set a schedule for Event Recording, including Sound Detection.

Wyze Cam v3 doesn’t. While you can create Rules, “Turn On Sound Detection” is not an available option.

Can you create the ability to schedule Sound Event Detection on Wyze Cam v3?

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Cam AI events are already triggers. Sadly, the use of these triggers is only for CamPlus and above. CamPlus Lite cannot use the AI Person trigger.

Sooooo, as mods on FB send everyone here, this place cannot be a dead end, right? Any idea when we’ll be able to schedule night mode as with a lot of cams the darkness that would trigger it is not quite enough? This is a need, here.

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Here are some reads for you. It’s on the wishlist. You can vote for it at the top,

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Oh it still could be, but you stand a way better chance of visibility when posting it in the wishlist here.

Schedule Scenes in Rules

I would love to be able to use rules to set schedules to turn on saved scenes for the color bulbs.

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If my siren is triggered during my sleep at night, i would like a different notification at my phone beside me- î’d like to hear a siren alert so i can check if my cars are being tampered with by a thief! From my bedroom I cannot hear the camera siren at the driveway. I set the person detection on from 1 am - 5 am, but only a Normal , brief notification sound is played- not enough to prompt me to awaken and check it out.

Thank you for considering this option to enable me to intervene in vandalism or a theft of car, cat-converter, etc.


Turn on/off notifications except doorbell press

My device is not a doorbell, but Wyze Cam 3

I would love to see the integration of the “panic” feature of the HMS into Wyze rules… for example, long press on a Wyze switch, activates panic alarm, in the event you are not near a keypad.

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"Enable/disable other rules " would be especially useful for me. I have rules set up to turn on/off notifications individually for devices such as camera motion detection and door contact sensors according to a schedule. The problem with this is that if I am away from home then the notifications will turn off according to that schedule. When I’m at home that is what I want to happen. But when I am away from home I want the notifications to stay on. So, if I could have a shortcut and a location-based trigger that would disable/enable the rule that turns on and off the notifications, then I would be all set. Makes sense, right?

Add pan camera motion tracking as a rule

I would like to add a rule that turns off motion tracking at a certain time every day, to keep my pan camera from following random dust at night

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Air Purifier rule

Can you add the ability to set certain speeds so i can have the purifier speed up over night and then back to low or auto during the day??

  • Toggle notifications for Wyze Sense sensors by event type (eg. opened vs left open)

I absolutely need this feature. I always want to know if a door is left open. There are times when I want to know if a door is opened, but also active times when it is opened so frequently and I don’t care.

In an ideal world, I would also be able to customize notification (or perhaps critical alert) rules based on, for example, if my wife is opening a door vs my kids are (based on the absence then presence of her phone, maybe?) but that’s more of a stretch wish.

i’d like a rule that can enable Sun Match at a scheduled time.

i put my bulbs in Sun Match mode every morning, they follow other scheduled dimming/shutoff rules at night, and then i have to manually put them back in Sun Match again the next morning. this is a hassle - it would be much easier to schedule them to go into Sun Match mode automatically at the same time each morning.

right now, a bulb will only automatically boot up in Sun Match mode if it was previously powered off while in Sun Match mode.

Shortcut Option to allow Opening a Garage Door Controller. Currently closing is an option, and it’d be superb to be able to set up a widget and have both open and close available, or even just from my Wyze Watch Shortcuts.

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Purifier need a “Turn on” option for making a scheduled rule

Currently unable to schedule “manual” run for the air purifier. My allergies are worst just before/after sunrise and just before/after sunset. I’d like to preemptively schedule a run on the air purifier starting an hour before sunrise, lasting for 2 hours, and the same for sunset. Current choices are limited to:

  • Turn on to Auto
  • Turn on to Sleep
  • Turn off

None of these seem to provide the simple “turn on” functionality I want. With these choices there is no option to make it run according to a schedule.

Need a new option while making a rule:

  • Turn on

So far I have kept it on Auto, but it thinks the air is clean while my eyes are itchy and I’m sneezing a lot. Maybe its not as sensitive as me. ha!

[Mod Edit] Added to the list!

Shortcut for chime on/off

Would love if one could turn on/off chime fast with a shortcut if eg. you take a nap after work etc.