Problems with night vision & Christmas lights

Is anyone else having problems with night vision and their outside Christmas lights (on timer)? I like having night vision on (IR off), but since putting up our Christmas lights outside, the camera is constantly doing some sort of scanning and making noises that I have had to turn off night vision for now. Is there a
work around so that when my Christmas lights go off on their timer that night vision will then start working? Maybe I’m doing a setting wrong? Thanks in advance!

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If I understand you right , you should set your night vision to auto so that when your external light source goes off night vision will kick in.
On second thought, another possibility is that if your lights are twinkling or variable, ie: not just steady white or multicolor, it could be causing enough light fluctuations to keep your cam trying to switch between day and night vision. On that case setting night vision to on continuously should keep it from cycling while the lights are on and let it work when they go off.


You might want to vote for this wishlist item. Unfortunately, it’s not currently supported in the app, but it would be a nice solution for this problem. If unusual lighting conditions are causing too much switching back and forth, this would allow you to just schedule it yourself instead.


Thank you both for the response. Setting it to auto seems to be working. :blush: