Another V3 Camera Issue

Seem to keep having an issue with one of my V3 cameras. The IR lights are set to Off, yet whenever turn Night Vision Mode on or off the IR lights turn on, even though the settings show they are set to off. Then I have to turn them on and off in the settings to get them to actually be off.

Yes, I’ve rebooted the camera via the app. Unplugged and plugged it back in. Did a factory reset and set it up all over again. It has the latest firmware, It will work for a while but eventually the same issue pops up again. Is anyone else having this issue or even noticed it happening? I only noticed it because this camera is placed at a window, so when the LED’s come on I can see the glare in the video feed. I’m thinking if the camera wasn’t in front of glass, I’d never notice it. Either way, if the night vision IR lights are set to off, then they should stay off.

I think I may have heard of this issue before, not sure.

Does this only happen when you manually toggle the night vision mode from the live view, or does it also happen when the cam enters night vision mode on its own?

Do you have an IR floodlight outside, or why do you want night vision mode enabled without IR lights?

And do you have any other v3s that this is happening to?

As I said…it happens when I toggle night vision mode on or off. Normally I have it set to Auto and it’s not turned on the IR lights in that mode before, when I have had them set off in the settings. I don’t have any IR floodlight outside or inside. And again as I said…this camera is behind glass, looking outside, so you don’t want the IR light on due to the reflection. As far as I know none of my other V3’s have this issue but they aren’t looking through glass.

I can confirm this bug on all 9 of my V3 with firmware

With IR light set to off, manually toggle night vision mode from off to auto/on turns on the IR light in the camera. The IR light setting in app says it’s off; had to turn on then off to get rid off the light.

I am testing Beta Firmware on one of my V3 Cams mounted behind glass.

My customary setting is Night Vision in Auto with IR lights Off (I have outdoor IR Floodlights).

I tested your scenario with the Beta Firmware thru several iterations.

  • I toggled the Night Vision to Off. Color Night Vision came on.

  • I toggled the Night Vision to On. IR Lights toggle showed in app as Off. B&W IR Night Vision came on, IR lights remained off.

  • I toggled the Night Vision to Auto. IR Lights toggle showed in app as Off. B&W IR Night Vision came on, IR lights remained off

  • I also tested this using the Live Stream Night Vision icon toggle button. IR Lights remained off during several full cycles.

Manually turning on the IR Lights to Near or Far while the IR Night Vision Mode was in Auto or On did turn on the IR Lights, however turning them off held its setting when returning back to the Night Vision Mode setting thru another iteration.

It appears that this has been fixed in the Beta Firmware. You should see the fix when the Beta passes QA and is released in the next Production Update.

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The thing is that this isn’t a new bug, its done this for a while, yet Wyze has not fixed it…why not?!

I guess its too complicated for their programmers which wouldn’t make sense considering or its not high on their list which is far more likely.