Night Vision IR Lights come on automatically when not requested


I have had a problem for the last few weeks where the Night Vision IR Lights come on automatically without prompting. This affects only one V2 camera. I notice at night the lights are reflecting in my window. I have all IR lights turned off since my cameras are behind glass windows. This used to work as expected. I am not sure what changed.

When I check settings, the light is supposedly turned off.

Night vision is set to Auto, but on my other 3 cameras, the IR lights remain off.

To turn off the IR lights on this one specific camera, I need to toggle the Night Vision IR Light on and then off. One I do this toggle, the light remains off for the rest of the evening.

Of course, with a white button on a white background it is difficult to see.

Here is a view when I turn it on and then turn it off like the picture above.

Once I turn the IR lights off the camera works great for the rest of the evening. I notice this happens again when I check the cameras the following night.

Here is the view compared to my other cam. These two cams stay on 24 hours a day. My other two cams shut off at sun down. There are NO rules set up for the affected camera or for the other 24-hour cam.

Here is after toggling the switch.

Not sure how to fix this issue. Any ideas.

Here is the other component information:

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Roll your firmware back to the previous version and the problem goes away. Worked for many others.

I have had this issue as well, it’s something with the restart of the camera. that particular setting isn’t staying. make sure to send logs in. I would say for now if it is an option you can keep the cameras on all the time and don’t turn them off, or as @R_T mentioned try a rollback to an earlier firmware.

I don’t think it’s related to power cycling. There are reports in other threads of the same thing happening with cameras that are on 24/7.


Ive only had it happen on the power cycle from cameras that have done a firmware upgrade or at times when I have done a restart through the app. ive not seen it mentioned much otherwise.

could you shoot me a link to the other mentions of this issue if you get a minute? to clear confusion if they are similar enough they might need merged.

Hopefully this link will paste correctly:

Oops, never mind - that’s not the posting I was looking for. I’ll keep searching. Or maybe it is related to power cycling and I read something into a post that wasn’t there.

that happens, no worries. there are so many posts here, its easy for them to run together sometimes.

This is a known issue and we are having the same problem. Been waiting on a fix for this for 8 months and counting…Here is a link to another thread with the same issue…

I still see this problem occasionally with v2 cams.