V3 firmware messed up IR lights

After the latest firmware upgrade (to all three of my V3s that are looking through the window are turning on the IR lights (and causing reflections on the glass) despite the setting for IR lights being set to off. After manually toggling the lights to on (near or far) then off, the lights stay off for the rest of the night.

Found a topic from Sept 2020 with identical behavior. Solution was to roll back the firmware or wait for next firmware release.

Anybody else experiencing this with your cameras on their window sills as of the latest firmware release?

Old topic

Do the IR lights stay on if you turn Night Vision Mode completely off (as opposed to Auto or On)?

With the night vision completely disabled (off instead of on or auto) the IR lights do stay off. That’s my temporary solution, which yields less image detail and more motion blur at night when compared to running the camera in night mode with IR lights off.

Looks like this issue was fixed in the new firmware (

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