Firmware Bug Reintroduction

Just updated a V2 and PanCam to the latest firmware ( and and a bug that had been previously fixed is back.

When setting the IR night lights to ‘OFF’ the setting will be retained as long as the camera(s) is/are on. When either camera is turn off and back on (either manually or via a rule) the IR lights go back to ‘ON’ when in night mode. NOT a good thing when behind glass.

Has anyone else observed this and figured out a fix?

A least Wyze QA and regression testing is consistent. :unamused:

Edit: Power cycling does not correct the issue. Tried with both cameras. Have to go into advanced settings and turn the IR lights on and then off again (even though the APP says they are already off).

Yes this is known to be back and linked is a thread where it is being discussed, have you submitted logs?


Thanks for the link and, no, I’ve not submitted logs since others have done so for months now - on the surface it would appear to be an exercise in futility as are most dealings with Wyze.

I’ve managed to restore the functionality I need and will post my issue(s) and solution(s) on the other thread.

You should submit a log! Wyze uses the logs to help solve the problem and most of the time the more logs, the better.
How to submit a log

We have all submitted logs but nothing has been done for this issue since it was first reported back in July of 2020 as noted here in this thread…

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More people with same issue…

Yep. Two out of four do it. Left in color mode or turned camera off after dark. Figured this would get fixed when dark mode arrives on the scene.

I don’t plan to upgrade to v3.

Get the latest and most recent firmware update on your cameras. This fixed the issue for me and others. :ok_hand:

As it was once before…

Yes, it is so nice to not have to manually do the switch on and back off again on multiple cameras daily! Finally, whoo hoo!! :partying_face:

Hopefully Wyze will leave it fixed this time - unlike what they’ve done in the past. :unamused: