IR Lights On Yet Toggled Off

Anyone have a fix for an issue with all my v2 cameras, where when night vision is set to auto the IR lights always come on at night, even though I have them toggled off. They’re behind glass so obviously I don’t want them on because then the reflection blinds the camera. I’ve contacted Wyze numerous times about this and all they tell me to do is to reset the cameras, and that fixed nothing. That seems to be their solution for camera issues, but if I have to constantly reset the cameras all the time, then they become useless to me.

What firmware version is on the camera? Have you tried a manual firmware flash to a previous version or even try the current version again?

All my cameras have the most current firmware version. But no, I have not tried going back to a previous version as that is just too much work. And honestly, I’m not sure how to manually install a past or current version.

Here is info on how to find previous versions and flash back to them:
How to Find Firmware

Manually Flash Firmware
I have kept a couple of mine on ver. and haven’t had problems. But, I also haven’t had this problem at all.

Reset is a specific term and different from Power Cycling. If you haven’t tried the latter I would definitely suggest that first.


No your first link is to the special webcam only firmware.

Much much worse, it seems that as of August 31, 2020 Wyze pulled all their old firmware from the site!! There are only TWO versions available now (not counting RTSP and webcam).

The right page for V2 firmware:

Note: This version was added to give customers an option for flashing back firmware to a previous version. Older firmware versions are being removed from this page because they are incompatible with newer Wyze Cams and would break a newer camera if applied

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I’ve reset and power cycled my cameras, nothing fixed the issue. It’s very upsetting that Wyze still hasn’t let me know they are at least looking into it.