Night Vision IR Lights On when Toggled Off

I’ve submitted Wyze numerous time for this issue and they still haven’t fixed it. I have several WyzeCam v2’s that when Night Vision Mode is set to Auto, the Night Vision IR Lights are on, even though I have them set to off. I end up having to cycle the toggle for them to get it to stay off. But each night when night vision comes on the IR lights on again too. I’ve unplugged the cameras and reset them but it keeps happening. This is a huge issue because some of the cameras are behind glass, so when the IR lights come on you can’t see anything, until I can cycle the toggle for them on to off.

The “on”, “off” and “auto” switch is for the night vision witch includes the IR lights. You can turn off the IR lights in settings. Take a look here:

I know how to turn them off. My problem is that they don’t stay off, even though they show that they are toggled off.

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Have you tried reverting app and/or firmware versions?

What is the latest log number you submitted please?


Not sure about the log number but my ticket number is 839152.

Could you submit a log under Account > Help&Feedback > Submit a log? Please submit with the corresponding camera.

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I don’t know how to do what you are asking, and this issue is happening with several of my cameras, at least that I know of.

Please submit a log for at least one of the cameras and post the log number here.
Instructions here:

Okay I just submitted a log, #54076.

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I tried your suggestion but it didn’t work, whenever the cameras are turned off and back on the IR lights are on again, even though they were set to off and show they are toggled off.

Logs are fleeting, so submit every time you see the issue, and post the ticket number here. Very much appreciated!

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Hi. Was this ever resolved? I am about to purchase a Wyze camera and this is an important issue for me. Thanks!

Since it was reported by one out of several million customers I’m guessing you’ll be okay…

Yes, this perticular issue was resolved. But honestly, I wouldn’t buy into the Wyze ecosystem due to their lack of support and new issues that the firmwares keep causing.

Hi, I am having the same problem now, it started with one camera and now the three cameras I have are doing the same. My Log ID created is 1203921