V3 cam IR problem

My IR will not work on auto. I can turn it on and off manually but soon as I set to auto the IR goes off. One of 4 cameras all on latest firmware as of today. Haven’t tried reset yet.
Edit - just did reset and same problem

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Can you provide the FIrmware version of your v3 Camera?

In addition, The following image shows my settings in the advanced area. Curious what your settings are. I believe the IR Lights are also dependent on Night Vision IR Light Settings and Conditions.

I have also found that going into these area’s and simply changing the settings, backing out, then going in and setting them back seem to correct sporadic issues like this.


My V3 will not work in auto mode either because there is to much light visible at night. I have a street light at the end of my driveway and the people across the street were my blue/red arrow is have a large amount of outdoor lighting strung up just over the top of the fence and they are on every night all night. Is your cam in a lighted area? version. This camera has worked perfect since I got it about 4 months ago in the same environment it is in now. I could switch the IR mode on off or have in auto and it would always work in auto. Started this 4 days ago. I have gone through all settings comparing them to the other 3 that are still working and no difference.

As to the light - this camera was on auto IR since new and never had a problem with the small amount of light at night. There was no snow for reflecting of light for last 4 months although there is snow now but the problem started 4 days before the snow.

It was just a thought on my part. I don’t use the night vision anyway, I have it off all the time. I am using the same firmware as you.

Try to power cycle the camera if useing the app make sure it does cycle, then log out of app then back in…from what I see there’s alot of light at dark,and when the moon gets full the auto mode should not work since it’s so bright

I am getting kind of confused by the choice of verbage,. When you mean “,ir mode”, do you mean “night vision mode” (where the picture turns to black and white as opposed to color) or the ir lights (which have their own set of settings of off, near or far and only turn on depending on your settings in night vision mode on)?

Can you provide before and after photos comparing the picture before and the picture now where you said you’re having issues? What are your dusk/dark settings? The starlight sensor and the V3 is very sensitive so even moonlight from a full moon covering area can provided much different picture than no moon in the sky at all.

My V3 did work in Auto last night. I unplugged the cam for the first time in 11 months to connect it to a Kasa Smart plug, turned it back on and set it to Auto for a test. It worked. I’m still going to use the cam with night vision off but it is good to know auto works.