Night vision at specific time

Is there a way to set night vision to turn on at a specific time? The street light keeps two of my cameras from switching to night vision, but it is too dark to make out images clearly.

Thanks in advance for your help

Hello @egray711 and welcome to the community.

Currently there is not a way to do this, however there is a #wishlist entry you can vote on for this.


Not an inexpensive solution but you could also replace your (presumably V2) camera with a V3. Its superior sensor can likely make good use of the available street light. I keep IR off on my V2s and am lucky enough to get reasonable lighting (without the bug problem that plagued me when using the lights). If I ever get V3s I expect it will be a LOT better view.

I’ve got the outdoor v3 cams

I have an outdoor V3 similarly facing a bright street light. I have night vision permanently turned off.

I don’t see any reason for it. It’s more than bright enough for the V3, why even turn on the night mode?

In fact, the only V3s i have that have night vision in use are the couple in the garage. It’s really pitch dark.

Really? Perhaps you could share a photo of what you’re seeing.

With the street light on its just very dark by the house. You can’t make out much around the vehicles

I have asked Wyze a few times to include a control for when the IR filter is swapped in. Just adding a bit more latency would be good… Every car that drives by at night triggers a switch from IR to color, then back.

At one point I disassembled a broken Wyze V2 camera, the filter holders are plastic, and I doubt they will stand up to a lot of flipping over a timeframe on the order of a year or more at that rate.

Hopefully Wyze will add some controls to allow for IR filter swapping…

A v2 is a different story. You really need an IR light at night. But for a V3 in most cases, ambient light is sufficient.

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I prefer the IR filter for my locations at night. I include the V2 filter story as a suggestion that the filter swap process may be the same, and not take that level of swapping each night. Are you saying that the filter swap mechanism is different in the V3 vs., the V2?

Not at all. I’m saying that in most cases, the ambient light is such that a V3 doesn’t need the IR light.

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Nope nope, is that good enough for ya?

Cool, thanks for the suggestion, however my back area is VERY dark at night.

Looks like it, yeah. Plus I think the objects are too far from the camera. My driveway view at night with night mode off, is like my V2 view an hour after sunset.

Edit - sorry, I conflated yours for another post with a view of his back yard.

No problem at all, I do it as well… :slight_smile: My front yard is just bright enough that ANY additional light triggers a an IR filter removal. So every time a car drives by, the IR filter swaps out, then after the car passes, the IR filter swaps back in. It is also just dark enough I want to see more, hence the use of the IR filter… More latency would solve this, or an adjustable threshold would help… In any case, thanks again, for your suggestion uptopic.

The light isn’t close enough to the camera, so the view of the vehicles is too dark for my liking

There’s actually a fair amount of detail there - probably better than my V2 could do in either mode - but I see your point. You could try forcing the IR lights on all the time.

I added a small light of 500 lumens to assist the cams (smallest i had avail) and it helps alot.

That’s a good idea. I’ve been thinking of adding a floodlight. That would help out two of my cams where the street light hits