Schedule night sight on cam v3

Just got a cam v3 and it works great. One thing I would like to do is schedule an on/off time for the night sight instead of light sensitivity. I have enough ambient light that the “auto” function does not engage night sight, but find picture better with it.

Is there a way to set a schedule for this?

Welcome to the Wyze community, @04woodruff!

There isn’t currently a way to schedule night vision on or off in Rules. Not a bad idea tho, and sounds easy to implement. So there is a link at the bottom of this page for you to vote for it in the ‘wishlist’ category.

My thought however, is if it isn’t too dark for night vision to trip on its own, then maybe the camera thinks it is light enough for the V3 starlight sensor? The cool thing about the V3 starlight sensor is any images will be in COLOR!

When I use standard night vision IR lighting, my all-black coat is white, and 2-tone at that. When I view it with a color camera, it is all black. So the color starlight sensor gives us the ability to tell the police that an intruder is in a black coat (or blue, yellow, red), instead of a two-tone white and ‘not so white’ coat. Value there?

Anyway, here is the wishlist item where you can vote for scheduled night vision:

To expand on the night vision vs color:
Often the night vision IR will make every little insect or spec of dust in the air show up and can trigger motion detection.
I guess this is one way to get continuous recording to the cloud if using Cam Plus.